I have a gift for you. It’s this site! Yeah, sure, it looks sorta like a big blocky hunk of boxes, but it’s your blocky hunk of boxes! Or maybe think of it as a mittful of reddish brown clay that you can shape into anything you want. Enough metaphors? My point is that this site will be what the Canadian contest community deems it to be. If enough people get involved, this will be the place to be. “Cancel the cable baby, I’m spending Saturday night at ContestCanada.net!!”

Want to get involved? Here’s just a few ways:

  • Visit often and click around. We’ll keep an eye on what’s popular (not in any sort of Rumsfield-esque big brother way) and make sure we offer more of it.
  • Add some comments. You don’t have to register to make comments. Got a UPC code to offer? Got a follow-up question about a contest that was posted? Use a comment to let us know.
  • Join our discussion forums. Here’s a place members can really get to know each other and share lots of information on contest activities or anything else for that matter.
  • Share our site with others. Let them know it rocks harder than Twisted Sister. Use del.ico.us to bookmark your favorite pages (that way others can share the love)
  • Tell us about new contests. Saves us some internet trudging. We like that!
  • Post new contests yourself. “I can do that??” Absolutemente amigo!! Register for a WordPress login and you’re blogging like a maniac. The interface is super easy and we only have put together some helpful instructions. Piece o’ cake!

So hop to it. Have fun. Make this rough rock shine, and we’ll all win.


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