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If you’ve won a prize in a contest that you found here, please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! And if you haven’t won anything recently, perhaps browsing through things that other people have won will be the boost that you need in order to keep entering.


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  1. Fay VanHorn says:

    I won a $500 Visa card! First win in a long time.

  2. Ciel says:

    Instant wins from this year’s Pepsi Stuff contest:
    T-shirt, insulated drink cooler (received), and a free product coupon. At least there’s something this summer! ^-^

  3. Attila says:

    Shoutout to for hooking me up to enter the (FCEI) Fédération Canadienne de l’Entreprise Indépendante contest Grand Prize Cash of 2,000$.
    After a couple of year trying, I finally won this Grand Prize! And, I am so ecstatic to be able to spread some holiday joy and spending my winnings at several small local independent shops near by. Perfect timing too after going through some hard times this past year and this will surely be great help for me.

    So, Thanks again
    And happy Holidays to you all


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