September 22nd, 2023

A Mission to Spread Goodness

Do you believe the world could be a kinder place?

It can, through your photography. Envision Kindness is a non-profit that inspires kindness, compassion, joy, and love through still photography and video of acts of kindness, caring, and love. We use these images to help people connect better to their own humanity and to that of others, inspiring them wherever they are, especially in high-stress environments like hospitals and schools. We have learned that after people see images of kindness, they are kinder, happier, and more generous. When displayed in healthcare settings, the images uplift both patients and staff and foster a sense of calm and optimism. People treat each other better and are more generous.

There is substantial science regarding how kindness will positively affect quality of life and, when taken to the long-term, how long people may live. Kindness is key to survival: for example, people who volunteer regularly have significantly longer lifespans than those who don’t. And it turns out that simply seeing kindness activates the same neuropsychology and physiologic changes that kindness brings. It is for this reason that we promote kindness and connection through kindness media. It portends greater joy and mental and physical wellbeing.

The Photo Contest

Over the last four contests, the Our World is Kind Photography Contest has generated over 8,000 submissions from 1000+ photographers in more than 120 countries. These moving images have inspired kindness, love, gratitude, and joy in tens of thousands of global viewers.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to work together to spread kindness and connection through our communities. That’s why Our World is Kind is back for 2023, seeking images from kind and talented photographers to help inspire kindness, joy, and healing around the world. People can participate or simply watch the images pour in.

The contest enables acquiring a diverse array of images to inspire others. It is free to enter and will award cash prizes of up to $1,000 USD! Will you join the kindness movement? Submit your kind images today and #PictureABetterWorld.

Entry Frequency: Up to 5 entries
Age: 18+
Photo/Video required

Expires September 30, 2023
Gear up with the best financial products in Canada & win a Mountain Of Prizes

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