January 17th, 2022

Submit a daily clue for a chance to win one of ten $200 online shopping sprees. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Not open to: QC

Trivia/Product question response required

Expires February 17, 2022
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39 Responses to Win 1 of 10 $200 Online Shopping Sprees

  1. X says:

    Monday- star

  2. X says:

    Wed- Magnifying Glass

  3. X says:

    Thurs 20 Film Reel

  4. X says:

    Fri 21 Crown

  5. X says:

    Sat 22 Magnifying Glass

  6. marmarmar says:

    did anyone catch the clue for the 23rd Sunday thanks

  7. X says:

    MONDAY Jan 24 Union Jack

  8. wallistan says:

    did anyone see the clue for TUESDAY JANUARY 25 thanks

  9. X says:

    Wed 26th Magnifying Glass

  10. X says:

    Thurs 27 crown

  11. X says:

    Fri 28 star

  12. X says:

    Sat 29 film reel

  13. X says:

    Sun 30 union jack

  14. X says:

    Monday 31 star

  15. X says:

    Free preview is over

  16. Helenmari says:

    did anyone catch the clue from February 1 evening shows thanks

  17. X says:

    Wed 2nd Magnifying Glass

  18. X says:

    4 Thursday, Film Reel

  19. X says:

    Fri 4th union jack

  20. X says:

    Sat magnifying glass

  21. thx says:

    does anybody know the clue from Sunday february 6th thanks!

  22. X says:

    Monday, Star

  23. X says:

    Tuesday, Movie Reel

  24. X says:

    Wednesday, Union Jack

  25. wss says:

    anybody see thursday’s clue by chance thank you

  26. X says:

    Thursday, Crown

  27. X says:

    Friday, Magnifying Glass

  28. X says:

    Sunday, Crown

  29. X says:

    Monday, Union Jack

  30. X says:

    Tuesday star

  31. X says:

    Wed- film reel

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