July 23rd, 2012

Do you have a great idea to make your community better? Enter it here for a chance to win $50,000 to implement your idea and a smart electric bike for you. How much would it cost to get rid of all these guns from the streets? That’s my idea but feel free to use it as your own. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: 16+
Essay required

Expires October 31, 2012
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5 Responses to Win $50,000 and a Smart Bike

  1. Eugene says:

    I do not think trying to get rid of the guns or tougher anti-gun legislation is the answer. Education is always best. Lawful gun ownership is not the problem.

    • Marie says:

      I beleive that no matter what our law officers bring them in, judges do the deciding. Laws should be the same for everyone.

      All rapists should get the same sentence, same as all murderoros should get the exact same

      Why do some deserve a few years while others a life time…One individual should not be the decision maker.

      There will never be rightful justice when individuals (judges) make the decision It should be

      Upon conviction of a crime all rapists should get the exact same sentence.
      All murderors should get the same sentence…

      The sentence should fit the crime and it should be the same for everyone!

  2. Fiska Duguay says:

    Our community would be better if they took better care of people with mental dissabilities. If our society offers more help to those who cant help themselves instead of forcing them to fend for themselves on the streets, they should be taken care of in a institution. I beleive we used to have way more Phsyc Hospitals 15 years ago…then a huge percentage got shut down and all these people were released and they do not have the ability to take care of themselves. My community would be safer and better if the real issue of the homeless was addressed…The Homeless are all either mentally ill or drug addicts. so more funding for rehabs and build more mental institutions would be a good start. How can we hold a mentally ill person who hears voices responsible when they get a hold of a weapon and use it? The answer is that we just simply can’t.

  3. steve callahan says:

    oh man wouln’t that be a nice anniversay gift of 41 years for my wife .

  4. Maggie McLean says:

    Hello, i personally feel that to make your community a better place it involves trust, and honor towards others, as well as patience and compassion. If everybody took an interest in the health of the environment, it would make the current, and future community an ideal place. Canada, and the rest of the world must address the climate crisis – the most urgent issue of our time. There is a desperate need to stop the average global temperature from rising any more than 2°C, or Canada, and the rest of the world will face consequences. Me and my father both feel strongly about this issue and thought of a wonderful invention, and i named it “Highway Power” This product consists of replacing the highway guard rails with many windmills. Due to the speed of the cars on the highway (ranging from 60 km per hour-130 km per hour) the wind produced can allow these windmills to produce energy to run the lights, and electric signs on the highways of Ontario. Windmill installation is very inexpensive, saving thousands of dollars per year, along with helping the environment, and reducing CO2 emissions, pollution and electricity production. These windmills will be attached together with large pieces of protective foam, allowing safety to the drivers on the highways. The electricity generated will then be converted into a grid, allowing the signs and lights to be powered, with the overflow being sold to the Ontario Power Authority. That is my first idea, my second now involves our education system. I find it very unpleasing that many people are uneducated due to financial aid! I believe our education system should stop raising the prices of university, and allow everybody to reach there full potential. For example, i myself, a high school student, in a family of 7 is struggling to pay for my education. It is upsetting we cannot reach our maximum potential due to hours of work. I currently work 2 jobs, saving for my university and have to sadly take 4 years off to keep doing so. I believe that if the education system and the government paid more attention to the scholarships and bursaries and stopped raising the prices, everybody would have equal chances, allowing the community to improve more! Thankyou