October 24th, 2006

I’m doing a bit of a catch-all post here to keep things simple.

There’s a good discussion going on in the contest forums about what some users have won (you’ll be impressed). If you’ve ever been discouraged, thinking, ‘I never win anything’, check it out.

We’ve added a new poll (see left-hand column). In case you’re wondering about the last one, roughly 90% of 115 voters gave this site the thumbs up, while the other 10% indicated the site was simply too shabby or reminiscent of stepping in steaming dog turds. Regardless of which camp you’re in, thanks for voting!
Edith still has the lead in our posting contest with about 2 weeks to go. Doug is in second with 5 contest posts. There’s easy prizes to be had here.

We’re pleased to see people signing up for the daily RSS or email updates (also located on the left-hand column of this page). It’s a great way to get the contest updates to come to you.

Lastly, thanks for visiting and may good fortune be yours!

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