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If you’ve won a prize in a contest that you found here, please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! And if you haven’t won anything recently, perhaps browsing through things that other people have won will be the boost that you need in order to keep entering.


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  1. Ribbons says:

    I won a plush figure from Excel! I don’t know which one it is yet since they select one at random. I hope it’s either the Coffee or Pizza character!

  2. Gerald Hickey says:

    Won $25 from the douknow spin to win…awesome thankyou!

  3. Ribbons says:

    I won $100 from the Jysk birthday contest! Woo!

    PS> The Excel Plushie was the donut!

  4. Robyn says:

    I won the Avene Physiolift prize package! Thank you for a wonderful site with great links for Canadians!

  5. ars says:

    Canadapost is so helpful for people and very fast … thanks canadapost

  6. LL44 says:

    I just won the 7-11/Doritos Batman vs Superman prize – headphones & wireless speaker!

  7. Sara says:

    In the past month, I won 3 pairs of tickets to various events (advance movie screening, AGO event, and a show). Total cost approximately $125. Gave 2 away ‘cuz of work schedule, going to attend ‘Caveman’ by end of month (solo show). Awesome, eh? Only problem with most tickets to events – they give you no time to plan in advance.

  8. Jerra says:

    Last week i won:
    – 2 tickets (from local radio station) to the coca cola covert concert & saw X ambassadors, and coleman hell…

    -2 advanced screening passes to Alice through the looking glass.

  9. JB says:

    I have won a prize pack from Tribute. The Ninja Turtle prize pack and 2 ticket to see TNMT in Cinema. It just came in the mail randomly, but what a great suprise.

  10. Fay Van Horn says:

    Finally a win- Mophie charger from Nordic Cows contest. Long time between wins that used to come regularly.

  11. Lorna Lane says:

    Just won a Coleman deck chair from Coleman Traditions contest!

  12. Amy Rowat says:

    I won the $5000 from goodlife and brita 🙂 perfect timing, having our wedding in august

  13. Maria says:

    I won a $5000 cruise to the Domincan Republic through itravel2000! Woo hoo first win!

  14. palushka says:

    WOW! After about 2 years without even winning movie tickets, I won the Disney Cruise for 4! Including airfare, transfer, gratuities. Amazing. Thank you for posting legit contests and keeping this website so easy to use, and so much fun.

  15. marshall says:

    I agree good win have a nice trip

  16. shaylah says:

    I want to win !!

  17. Chris says:

    won a 100 gift card from Rexall

  18. Mike says:

    I won a trip to Italy, from Barilla Canada.

  19. Fay VanHorn says:

    Congratulations! My very first win was a single entry contest and the prize was a trip to Jamaica for four people. Needless to say, that got me hooked on contests.

    • Mike says:

      That’s nice, I must say how I won my first trip to Italy, is when I lost my job in March lol I thought, I’m going to enter in contests and see if I win. Barilla had a contest listed on it’s webpage from May to about mid-August. I’m one of the winners. The trip is worth $13,000 and it’s for four people. But since I’ve won, a lots of people have been complaining, and I think I’ll just invite a guest or travel alone. There’s barely nothing to pay except the tourist tax ($70 for a week, it’s cheap) and foods for a week (also cheap); For sure, winning encourage me lol

  20. Lorna Lane says:

    I just won the House & Home 30th anniversary contest… I won the $1500 gift card to Ciot!!!!!!!!

  21. Fay VanHorn says:

    Congratulations. Great win

  22. Shannon says:

    A few weeks late to post this, but I won a prize pack with
    They are science-based toys from Toys R Us, valued at $132.

    Perfect prize just before Christmas!

  23. John says:

    Woohoo !! Won Benny & Co $50 gift card. I feel like chicken tonite !!! 🙂 LOL

  24. Jack Edwards says:

    It is possible to win! Just picked up my 2017 Mini Cooper! A Nestle contest. Nestle treated me like a king. ARV $30,000! Yeah baby!

  25. Fay VanHorn says:

    Nice win!

  26. Lisa says:

    I was just on this page last night. I’ve been spending about an hour a day since early Nov entering contests, and was wondering if I’m missing anything (like prize notifications, etc), or if I would really win. I was with those of you who are frustrated and wondering how the whole claiming a prize thing works.
    Well today….the wind blew a $10 bill right in front of me and when I got home I had a prize notification for $50 Petro gas card! It was in my regular email (not spam), and the headline said “Claim your prize”. So all the advice to keep plugging on, was spot on. Also, that contest ended 4 weeks ago, so it took that long to receive notice for such a small prize.

    • Ciel says:

      Money finds on your walk are fun and how funny is that it happened on the day of your prize win notification?
      Congratulations on your win! Was it from Warner Bros Collateral Beauty Contest from Jan? I wanted a Petro Can card but did not get any notification. Wish I knew who got the movie screening with Visa gift card!

  27. b sheppard says:

    Haven’t posted wins here in a long time! Thought I would give a brief update!
    Trip to the Grammys 2016- for 4, ERV 38,000- Rogers sing to win
    5,000 GC’s to costco- Local Car Dealership
    Tickets to local chefs in the city (150), Conference (1200) Photo conference (1200) Blue Rodeo Weekend (FB Casino Contest)
    Local Hockey Game tickets, Music Festival x 2 (Radio contests)
    Last year was a good one for me.. nothing yet this year though!
    Local or Odd entry contests have definitely been the best for me, no luck on the single entry, national contests yet!

  28. Blair says:


  29. Mike says:

    To know if you’ve won, be sure to check your email, especially your junk email folder, sometimes winning notification goes there. Be patient.

  30. Kimberlee P says:

    It truly is nice to see all the winners and how happy they are with their prizes..
    56 years old and still haven’t won a thing!
    Gunna keep plugging away and hope that maybe 1 day my name will be on the Winners List too!
    Congratulations Everyone!!!

  31. Fay VanHorn says:

    Well, yesterday I was notified I won the Cheat Day contest. I would love to know what I won. Filled out the Release forms, which usually include prize, but this one did not. Guess I just have to wait and see.

  32. Jack Edwards says:

    Way to go Fay! Hope it is a BIG prize!

  33. Cassandra Lipnicki says:

    I just won for the first time! Advance Screening to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 . Any tips or suggestions? It will be my first advance screening. I know seats arent assigned, so I’m assuming go pretty early? Anyone been to one before?

  34. Fay VanHorn says:


  35. Marjorie Bandong says:

    I really need a car & can’t afford right now.I hope & pray I will win!Never win anything but I should give this a try.

  36. Stephanie says:

    Won a $50 gift card to a mall in Brampton! 🙂

  37. Cassandra Lipnicki says:

    This has been a good month! I just won a $50 Tims card.

  38. Shannon says:

    Late posting this other win of mine, but in February I won a Toronto Maple Leafs prize pack from SCHICK HYDRO.

    The pack included:
    Toronto Maple Leafs toque
    Toronto Maple Leafs sweater
    Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt
    Schick Hydro razor
    Schick Hydro razor cartridges (12?)
    Schick Hydro-branded dress socks

    Not sure of the exact prize value, but it was well over $100! The coordinator was super-sweet and made sure I had clothing in my size and everything.

    Next up: hoping for a trip or car!

  39. Ciel says:

    Thanks to posters for listing their recent contest wins. @Marjorie _ I used to look for car contests for friends but they did not win. Never know-keep looking at local radio stations and businesses for car draws outside of the Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim contests and the Home Hardware Rav 4 contests. Sometimes looking at larger urban areas turns up contests that have cars. Good luck!

    No big wins to report. Just won about 40 bonus stars in that last Starbucks contest plus a coffee.

  40. Ciel says:

    Any June winners willing to share their prize news?

  41. Not important says:

    After 5 years of entering contests from this page, I finally won something…a $250 giant tiger gift card

  42. Gloria says:

    Won a bike during the Canada 150 contests 🙂

  43. Emily K says:

    I won one of 50 secondary prizes from The Source for their ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ LA trip. A $100 Source giftcard. 🙂

    • Ciel says:

      Congratulations to the June and July summer prize winners! Enjoy seeing who won what. Keeps the contesting spirit renewed.

  44. Kind of blue says:

    Won the kroll travel Canada day pp.answering all those questions paid off. 🙂

  45. After 2 years of trying out for these contest i have finaly won something. Thank you to tribute for the ballerina bluray and thank you contest canada for the link

  46. Andrea says:

    Won a Saputo bike last week, and won a Minecraft Lego and backpack package from EB Games (Facebook) today. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket (do good things come in threes too?)

  47. Lauren says:

    I have been contesting for years with the help of this site and a few other avenues ..and won a few things …but over the past couple of months I have dedicated a little more time and it is starting to really pay off! In the last month alone I have won movie tickets, an essential oils prize pack worth $250 dollars, and just found out I am the grand prize winner of Canada’s Back to School Sweepstakes valued at $5000! I never thought I would win this big but I am proof that it can happen! Don’t give up. There will be slow times that may get you discouraged but it will pay off. Happy contesting and best of luck to everyone here!

  48. Blair says:

    i won a 4 day trip to Ls vegas

  49. Fay Van Horn says:

    Congrats blair and other winners! Contesting is great fun!

  50. Alex says:

    I just won a 10$ TIm Hortons gift card. It’s not a lot, but it’s a week of morning coffee 😀

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