April 21st, 2019

Enter here for a chance to win a $1000 Lowe’s gift card. Lowe’s is pretty much like Home Depot, right? I should probably go in there one day and find out. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Not open to: QC, NT, YT, NU
Age: age of majority

Expires April 22, 2019

49 Responses to Win a Lowe’s Gift Card

  1. Steve Waller says:

    Hmmm…would be able to get a bigger/better bbq than the one we are currently thinking about.

  2. Tammie Hurlbert says:

    We were shopping around for new washer and dryer we stopped in at Kingston Lowe’s on Thursday and Friday we we back and bought a set. The gentleman who severed us was excellent very noligable with the products and he treated us like we were the only ones there.
    I tried putting in my ID: SAYS it’s not valid

  3. Very good service. Staff very helpful. Store in Kanata clean & well stocked. It is a joy too doing our shopping there. Great sales & well stocked shelves.

  4. Phoebe says:

    being a new customer at Lowe’s has been a great experience, and that’s the reason we keep going back and get the stuff that we need. It’s simply the best !!!

  5. Rick L. says:

    I can actually say that I finally had a positive shopping experience at Lowe’s Saturday June 22 in Cornwall store. After several bad experiences with service, I must say that it was great for once. Maybe I will shop there more often and hopefully keep getting excellent service.

  6. Ted Sara says:

    Good service from the girl at the till, knew where to find the product I was looking for ,, thanks

  7. Charlene says:

    need a link to enter contest

  8. Xiomara says:

    Amazing store. I really like it.

  9. Laura Beaudoin says:

    Went to Lowe’s in wpg to buy a saw , the store was not busy at all.
    the salesman acted like he didn’t want to be there.
    He was no help to me at all. I found what I was looking for on my own.

  10. Ivan Banias says:

    Have had nothing but great experiences at Lowe’s, the new outlet on Planet Road in Winnipeg. Customer service was out of this world! Both the floor person, Brandon, and the cashier, Gagandeep, were very knowledgable and personable! Both had great ideas and were extremely friendly! ( Not like the crowd at Home Depot!) You have my business from now on!!

  11. Marilou says:

    Lowe’s is Awesome! With low prices and nice quality items! We bought a great washing machine from Lowe’s. Perfecto. Definitely will go back whenever we need something.

  12. Mrs. Lorraine Szlagowski says:

    Lowe’s has a very courteous front desk staff & it was a pleasure to shop in such a well equipped store. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

  13. Brent Flesher says:

    Lowe’s has the best prices and I could get a lot with a thousand dollars at Lowe’s

  14. Linda Thompson says:

    I like the fact you had smaller bags of dirt to buy, my hubby has been buying heavy bags. As we are now both retired, we were finding the large bags tooo heavy, so thankyou for having smaller sizes.

  15. Summer says:

    Was at my car and asked for assistance being pregnant and was told to bring all the stuff I just lugged to my car back to the front if I wanted help.

  16. Ram Rajendra says:

    Bought Olympic Sico Maximum paint from Namao branch yesterday – July 22, 2019. Good service. Good product.
    The promotion said: get 50 bonus air miles if you buy one can of above paint.
    The problem:
    The Lowes receipt does not show the air miles earned. Not sure if I will end up receiving the air miles on this purchase.
    I know other merchants do print that information right on the receipt.

    Could Lowes care to print this information on receipt in future?

  17. Terry CASSELLS says:

    The staff at the Edmonton, Alberta Store at Manning Town Centre were great, as well as the staff at the store in Sherwood Park, Alberta, located at 100-501 Emerald Drive

  18. Nancy says:

    Went to Lowe’s today to buy a Dyson fan as on-line it said that store had 8 in stock. Of course none were on the shelf. After I was bounced around to 4 different staff I finally had someone from the department. He then told me that the fans were in the bay and because they were doing inventory today that I could not have one. Really…so I went back to customer service and another 6 staff later I finally had someone get one from the top shelf and I was able to buy it. They have a lot of friendly staff in general but most do not know much and to be told I couldn’t buy something they have in stock was completely ridiculous.

  19. The man who waited on me was very friendly and was great helping me find what I was looking for.

  20. Oli Slavich says:

    First time shopper/ I like the way your traffic aisles are designed/ merchandise displays were very neat/ I like the larger signing/ good choice of faucets in washroom (lol) timed pressure rather than infrared sensor.

  21. Doug Tuer says:

    Found exactly what I was looking for.

  22. Jim Moore says:

    Try as I might I can not find the entry icon for the Lowes contest. Even when I put the ww.lowesopinion.ca it sends me to this web site please help

  23. Michelle Lamontagne says:

    We seem to always find what we are looking for.
    The staff is nice and courteous.
    Lowes has great sales.

  24. Judith Foster says:

    Excellent service from both Tripthi and Hithin at the Thunder Bay store on August 30, 2019. We went to purchase laminate flooring and although there wasn’t sufficient stock for our needs Hithin was only minutes seeing when more would arrive.

  25. we are doing a total bathrom reno and put in a double sink .neded some tail pieces and 45 to complete job they had all the plumbing parts i needed one stop complete.

  26. Debbie Borys says:

    thankyou for having everything in your store never a need to shop anywhere else, the airmiles is great too.

  27. John Wall says:

    Wow, have to redo the decks so this sure would come in handy!

  28. Xiao Fen Qu says:

    I like the service from Lowe’s Store. The store clerks are very helpful when I need the help from them. I enjoy shopping at Lowes

  29. Just purchased a dishwasher, a Bosch. So excited to try it. our salesman Nick was very knowledgeable.

  30. Teddyanne says:

    Have tried several times and keeps saying my ID not valid. Guess I won’t be winning anything after buying fridge, range, OTR microwave, washer, dryer and dishwasher.
    Sales staff was excellent and very knowledgeable however; but would like to be able to enter to win something.

  31. w. macauley says:

    bought a frigidaire stove, dishwasher and frdge from lowes in nanaimo. when the power goes out, and it goes out often around here, the fridge will not come on until the reset button is pressed. what were they thinking? the manual says if you are going away for more than a few days you should empty the fridge. the staff at lowes did not know of this feature until i pointed it out to them.
    i will be buying another fridge, but not from lowes.

  32. P. Procyshyn says:

    We have shopped online Lowe’s without problems but yesterday we came into Saskatoon and visited Lowe’s and did not have a good experience. We were looking for proper adhesive for the sheets of polished ceramic tile that we picked up there. We were sent home with the wrong one and now we have to return tomorrow and try again. Another matter was the safety element in store. A large pick up machine was left in the middle of aisle so we went to next one to find large ladder with wheels standing in middle of aisle unattended as well. As seniors we don’t need the aggravations of going up and down aisles unnecessarily with a cart. Thank you for being interested in improving buyers’ experience at Lowe’s.

  33. Jim Connolly says:

    Can not find the icon either for the opinion survey. Just getting a sales pitch for cleaning my mac when selecting start button. Had this problem before and ny computer hacked. Hope you have not sent me a virus.

  34. John Hobbs says:

    Wish someone would fix this site. If there is a ‘chance’ to win a gift card, it would be handy to have a place to enter my code 11073 3010 281 store 3010 Oct 8/19. Trans 11543962. Second transaction this week. Same results.

  35. Don McDougall says:

    Today I was asking assistance from an employee who came immediately to assist. He was extremely pleasant and helpful. He even went to the computer and enquired about the stock in the store. His name is Carlos at the Regina, SK. store at 4555 Gordon Road. When I said I was looking for a second item he offered to go with me to find the item but I had previously purchased the item so I knew where the item is located. A great shopping experience for the customer.

  36. Lynda McQueen says:

    I had the best experience at Lowe! After getting the runaround from several cabinet stores, I went to Lowe’s and the salespeople went above and beyond to help me. The fellow I worked with stayed late and even came in early the next day to ensure I got what I needed. I now have a beautiful kitchen, designed exactly as I wanted it! I can’t say enough about the service I received at Lowe’s! I would recommend them to all my friends!

  37. Frank Hearns says:

    Is this contest still open Oct.17/19

  38. We were very pleased with the help we received from Aniel when purchasing a higher toilet

  39. dolly banks says:

    I was pleased with the service I received at Lowe”s the salesman 2147749 took the time to explain everything to my wife and myself. He took the time to tell us all about the fridge and made sure that we understood what he was explaining. It was nice to find someone that takes the time to explain. Most people do not like to help seniors. It was a great pleasure doing dealings with him. We bought the fridge and will do moring buying at Lowe”s. Thank you.

  40. The service and prices are the best in Nanaimo. I am a roofing contractor and I buy all my shingles from them and save hundreds on every job.

    But Im really just looking for the short survey to fill out for a chance to win… Its pretty confusing!

  41. Conway katcheech says:

    Great service

  42. lowes survey says:

    Lowes is the best store to buy home improvements.

  43. curtis rusaw says:

    nice store

  44. Jumar says:

    Lowes give people a massive discount to their product. Lot of product to choose and the same quality to the other store.

  45. Have always had good service with Lowes! I’ve done all of my home reno’s through Lowes and will continue to do so. Maintenance agreements are worth it …..our microwave started acting up and they gave us a gift card to replace the item and were super fast doing so. Worth it imo !! Happy shopping!!