September 15th, 2016

Play some fantasy football here for a chance to win a 3-year lease on a 2016 F-150 SuperCrew 4×4. This vehicle is not really a city card. I don’t think it’ll fit in my parking spot. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: weekly
Not open to: QC
Age: age of majority
Membership required

Expires January 1, 2017

28 Responses to Win a Ford F-150 SuperCrew

  1. Frances says:

    Need this immediately


      these trucks look awesome.. really could use one.. i used to drive a little truck but would really like to try one of these beautiful, useful beauties.

  2. teri feeney says:

    Nice. Truck

  3. teri feeney says:

    Nice. Truck. Awesome

  4. Mohinder Singh Duggal says:

    Amazing truck they are amazing

  5. Tim says:

    Very cool truck

  6. Kenneth Ball says:

    love to win

  7. teri feeney says:

    Hey there

  8. teri feeney says:

    Fordis good

  9. teri feeney says:

    Ford is good crew cabby coool

  10. Own one 2010, Ford is the truck of all trucks

  11. eddie comer says:

    love ford truck

  12. teri Feeney says:

    Room fast

  13. teri feeney says:

    Road trip

  14. teri feeney says:

    Perfect thanks. Car. Me

  15. teri feeney says:

    Ford. Is. Awesome

  16. teri feeney says:

    Xmas gift. Car

  17. teri feeney says:

    Four. Wheels

  18. teri feeney says:

    Dreams and wishes. Merry Christmas

  19. teri Feeney says:

    I like. A. Big ass truck

  20. Carmen says:

    Love Ford

  21. teri feeney says:

    Tis. My season. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays and weekends

  22. teri Feeney says:

    Ford. For. Christmas

  23. teri Feeney says:

    Thanks please

  24. teri Feeney says:

    Yeppers yeah

  25. teri Feeney says:

    Load my. Truck

  26. john macdonald says:

    sweet ride

  27. Joyce says:

    I cannot wait to win this! Our roads have been awful!