April 13th, 2016

Enter here every day for a chance to win a 2016 320i BMW and free Shell gas for a year. That car is worth more than everything I’ve ever owned in my entire life. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority

Expires June 30, 2016

64 Responses to Win a 2016 BMW

  1. Ellie says:

    I see myself in my dream car! it is mine!

  2. linda darby says:


  3. Ellie says:

    waiting to ride you my beautiful car!

  4. linda darby says:


  5. linda darby says:

    a new car

  6. linda darby says:


  7. truebeauty says:

    I believe in honesty so here goes.I would love nothing more than to keep and drive this wicked awesome car however unfortunately for me should I ever be lucky enough to win this contest I would have to convert this beauty to cash and turn into a house hopefully two and yes peeps u can still buy a decent not dump house for under 88 grand as little as $15,000 u just have to know how;) go down to the city and ask for the tenders.Then I would buy 2 more cars and they would not be BMW’s 🙁 I would spend 15-20 g’s on 2 vehicles) but newer than the ones my son and I have now.Then I would take my family on a vacation yes peeps u can do this much with 88 grand in Canada and more and then I would save what is left.When u r paying in cash u always get a better deal:).Good luck to everyone in the contest and if your rich ass is lucky enough to keep & drive this beamer from heaven than I sure hope you deserve it.If you do Congratulations and Enjoy!!!!!! Yahoo I would luv to see the look on the person’s face though sincerely this is a wicked contest!! And free gas for a year! Thank-you Canadian Tire and Shell!!!!!!

  8. linda darby says:

    for me

  9. Ripely burd says:

    I just got my license! This is my dream car

  10. linda darby says:


  11. linda darby says:

    so cool

  12. linda darby says: