January 16th, 2013

Post a comment here (actually, not here, over there) for a chance to win a red, white, or yellow Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. I gotta admit the yellow one looks cool, but I don’t have any outfit that matches it. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: age of majority

Expires January 31, 2013
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13 Responses to Win a Nokia Lumia 920

  1. Frances says:

    Someday I Hope to Win SOMETHING

  2. furqan says:

    please give me this because i cant afford to buy a phone

  3. V Ashok says:

    i luv that cell

  4. Marcus says:

    I absolutely love nokia. They are the best. I love this phone.

  5. Marcus says:

    I can’t afford this phone. But I love it so much. I love Nokia!

  6. Chris says:

    I love this phone. Nokia is the best. I really want this phone but i can’t afford it. I love the cherry red colour. I really like windows 8. This is my favourite smart phone. I love taking pictures and it has a really good camera. It has really good call quality. I love the browser. This is the best smart phone. I really want this phone.

  7. Josh says:

    I love this phone! Nokia is the best!

  8. Mark Christie says:

    I love Nokia! My favourite colour is red. I love the PureView camera with Dual-LED flash. I love Nokia CityLens and really love Nokia Drive. The browser is really fast. I would use this for work. I love Windows 8. I love that This phone is really fast. This is the best Windows phone. I would use the camera a lot. I love the 4.5 inch screen. I really want this phone. I love Nokia and Windows 8. This is a really good smartphone. I would be so happy if i got this phone.

  9. Bhavin says:

    I just hate Rogers and Nokia they didnt void my water damage and lost my Nokia Lumia with just some water drops in it, was so familiar with the phone that it does lot my work without using my laptop and I cannot afford other to buy so I am not with sick Rogers without any smartphone 🙁

  10. Avishek purkait says:

    i am frist

  11. I can’t say any word about this set How much i love this one?

  12. How much i love this one? It is very difficult to say.