October 24th, 2012

Enter for a chance to win an iPhone 5 from FreeStuffMyWay. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: single

Expires August 31, 2013

15 Responses to Win an iPhone 5

  1. Joanne says:

    I have the iPad that I love, but it would be nice to have the iPhone5 as well. Love apple products.

  2. hisha says:

    I would really love to win an iphone. It would be the best christmas gift considering i have not had a good working phone for about seven months now. I would really appreciate this. Thank you

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi, I would like to get an iPhone 5 because I thought that my friends will like it and I want them to be proud that they are my friends, my best ever friends love electronics and they always dream of really cool electronics like… iPhone 5.

    I want them to be happy is the main reason, because they are so so nice! Wish I can make them the most happiest kids ever!

  4. chloe deschenes says:

    yesterday i just lost my ipod in the snow and couldnt find it anywhere …. i cryed for about 10 hours 🙁 i thought my life was over had all my info on it and all my pictures and memories 🙁 please let me win i just lost half my life 🙁 and if i win i would be the happiest person alive … considering my ex bestfriend stole my phone too !! i wish everyone good luck

  5. Cat says:

    Hello, my iPhone 3 is now very old and does no longer work I would love a new iPhone so I’m tryin this site thank you If you pick me

  6. Firoz says:

    Iphone is the one of the best mobile forever

  7. Emily says:

    I’ve bin dying for an iPhone for 3 years! my family has no money and I live in a very small apartment with my sister brother mom and her bf and we can barley pay for that.. I would ask my dad but he lives somewhere els and he doesn’t have a dime. so and iPhone 5 would make me smile forever! 🙂

  8. kaitlyn says:

    Hi I would like to win an iPhone 5 my cell phone is crap and my mom won’t buy me another one so I’m stuck with crap. It would be very nice to win. If I do win I’ll be very happy and not so grumpy all the time and have something to do. But if I don’t I’ll probably be very sad and sit in the dark all the time… well I do that all the time coz I got no friends… my cell is my friend… but it doesn’t really work… Thank you very much. Good bye now

  9. desiray says:

    Hey, my names Desiray im grade 9 going to grade 10 next year with no phone and I cant get a job because my birth certificate got stolen and its a lot of money for a new one. I think if i got a phone it would be useful, and help me with my school. We cant afford an iphone mom says. All my friends have them. I enjoy taking pictures of things, and what ive seen the new iphone 5 is good with the camera, also I am crazy about facebook and twitter, i don’t have internet at home.. im at my uncles right now using his internet but if i got an iphone it could be put in my mom and stepdads family plan and they’ve got a data plan. Thanks for hearing my opinion. Bye!

  10. Jamya says:

    Hi my name is jamya I have no phone at all because every time people steal my pone and there is no one to buy me one and I heard about the new iPhone 5 and I can track it any where and I am so happy I really need a phone please I am in grade 10 going to grade 11 and my birthday is August 25 and I have no phone and all my friends make fun of me because of that and I feel really bad cause every time I try to get a phone every one day say no to me and they put me down

  11. Jamya says:

    And every day I have to walk to mc Donald to use the wifi to talk to my family in other country cause I don’t have a phone and I live really far and I have to walk just to get Internet y can’t someone do something good for me for once I never get nothing I want

  12. Nada says:

    Hi I’m a person that would really love to win the iPhone. I don’t want it for me but l really would like to win it for my mother because one day my mother told me to take care of her iPhone and I didn’t do well in doing that so suddenly I lost it I was really sad and I felt like I was careless.If I win the iPhone 5 then I would be able to give it to her on her birthday which is coming up on August and then she would be able to forgive me . On her old IPhone she had lots of memories from other countries and I would really like to create another happy page in her life with the IPhone 5 helping me by my side. I want her to have an amazing life I would really appreciate that I win the iPhone 5. Thank you for reading and understanding this passage .

  13. Nada says:

    when will we know who won the IPhone 5?

  14. Jessica says:

    I am really hoping to win this iPhone. It’s going to be a present for my mother.. I am moving away soon for school and will have no way to communicate with my family. With the iPhone 5 my mom and I will be able to keep in touch with the press of a button. Even though she won’t physically be there with me, video chats and messages are great too. I love my mom more then anything and I would be honoured to surprise her with this gift the day I leave..

  15. Sunny says:

    Hi my name is sunny and I really believe that I deserve to win th the iPhone 5 because I have been through a lot in my life and at this point I am desperate please please please pick me because growing up as a child has been hard for me I have been bullied all my life and now I’m being teased at school because I don’t have a phone all my friends have a phone but I understand that my mom tries as hard as she can to provide but she currently does not have the money to buy me the iPhone 5 and my older sister is moving off to university this year and I would love to be able to talk to her all the time anytime and if you grant me this phone I will be so very happy and blessed thank you for making this opportunity available and I really hope you please pick me thank you again bye