March 15th, 2011

Answer a trivia question each week for a chance to win an iPad 2. That’s right, throw out your iPad 1’s people because #2 has arrived. There are four iPads to be won, with a draw occurring every two weeks. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: weekly
Age: age of majority
Trivia/Product question response required

Expires May 8, 2011
Join now and start earning money!

5 Responses to Win an iPad 2 from

  1. blablabla says:

    From birth to the age of legal majority, a family can expect to spend approximately $180,000 to raise a child.

  2. Dom says:

    thanks blablabla

  3. FrostyWinnipeg says:

    mar21 : 167%

  4. Mike says:

    @FrostyWinnipeg – thanks!

  5. Tari Ocamb says:

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