March 8th, 2010

Enter here every day for a chance to win a Sony 52″ HDTV and a Home Theatre System. UPC required. Watching Sidney Crosby score that winning goal on that TV would be breathtaking. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority
Membership required
UPC required

Expires April 30, 2010
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15 Responses to Win a Sony 52″ HDTV and Home Theatre System

  1. Barbara says:

    Does anyone have a UPC code.

  2. Pookeybear says:

    I tired the upc search thingy but coming up with none that work

  3. Mark says:


  4. M2 says:

    I love it how the “English” button does nothing.

  5. Michael says:

    The “French” button does nothing!

  6. Lynn A. says:

    2 more 062000251981,062000251967

  7. Kaye McMahon says:

    Go to and it will let you do english.

  8. Fay Van Horn says:

    I could not get any UPC to work todsay

  9. Fay Van Horn says:

    I could not get any UPC to work today

  10. yupyup says:

    Anyone else notice what a crapload of rules and regulations they have?
    Can some of you veteran contest enterers (yes I said enterers) tell me if those rules seem pretty standard?
    They seem overly long and anally retentive to me.

  11. Dale says:

    I don’t want to read an equivalent of War and Peace so skip the rules,stipulations,requirements and all that good stuff and just tell me what door to pull up to .

  12. Neal Eastaugh says:

    Man could i ever use a new TV & Home Theatre System. I don’t actually own a tv right now & have been using a 26″ loner from my brother. I am on a disability pension & can’t afford to purchase one. What a difference it would make being able to watch a big screen tv in my own apartment instead of having to go to my brothers or my oldest sons house to watch big screen high def, which i don’t have. I might never leave my apartment again…lol N.Eastaugh

  13. Wanda Strang says:

    Sounds Great…. Has anyone won on this site? These prizes sound fantastic…. or is it a Dream that will not come true…. All the best to every one…

  14. janet says:

    contest closed the 1 4 a sony home theater system thats all folks!!!