October 24th, 2008

Enter your Access Code here for a chance to win 150,000 Aeroplan Miles. Apparently it’s worth $10,000. A little birdie tells me you can enter this code – 67981. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority

Expires December 31, 2008
Join now and start earning money!

18 Responses to Win Aeroplan Miles

  1. Access Code- 62710

  2. I can not find my access code any ware in your web cites

  3. John MacFarlane says:

    I think someone else has our access code: 62710.

  4. John MacFarlane says:

    I think someone else has our access code,Trevor Politte. Please check, thanks.

  5. Wally Loewen says:

    Please let me win something.

  6. Paul Melanson says:

    Why do you waste our time with this garbage, it tells me my code is no good 62710. But it is the same code as
    John MacFarlane’s note on July 16th

  7. Michael says:

    Paul, it probably doesn’t work since the contest ended like 2 years ago.

  8. marcia mills says:

    I have submitted this access code and it tells me that it is not valid,I can see why,every person on earth hass the same one.I am seriously thinking of canceling my subscripion to readers digest because of garbage they submit their readers to.Come on readers digest shake your head and get it right……

  9. I also have had a card where the card is invalid and wouldn’t accept it! Please fix this prob ASAP!!!! We spend alot of time filling out the contests sheets, they should work properly!!!!

  10. JanLaw says:

    Expired December 31, 2008

  11. Michael says:

    I lol at EVERYONE except JanLaw.

  12. SusanB says:

    Doesn’t it just leave you wondering some days….

  13. The code number I was given doesn’t work: 59317.

  14. gerry belanger says:

    what!entered the code,sorry wrong numbers!get with it!when its over june 30th,2011,hellooo!

  15. Patricia Frye says:

    You have entered the wrong code, wrong numbers! get withit, when it’s over June 30, 2011 so the card says.

  16. o.e. miller says:

    these contests are a joke when improper instructions are provided to enter them

  17. Gerald Bent says:

    A great way to contact a lot of people!

  18. Gerald Bent says:

    Don’t push too hard.