October 27th, 2006

Boy the toilet paper companies like to give things away. First Cascades, now Purex.

Canadians only (excludes Quebec and Atlantic provinces) – 1 entry per week

Expires June 30, 2007

19 Responses to Win a $10,000 Bathroom Makeover

  1. Donna Thiessen says:

    We could really use a bathroom makeover!

  2. My house is almost 20 years old and is dated,being a senior I am unable to do the work myself.Oh how I need the help of purex, the one product that is always in my bathroom.

  3. Purex please help,my bathroom renovation needs you.

  4. Gail Koller says:

    I really do need a bathroom makeover. The tiles surrounding my discoloured tub are all missing and cracked. The floor is a makeshift job of tiles put on by me. The sink is old and so is the toilet. Not conserving water either!

    Gail Koller

  5. Donna Gillis says:

    Help. I am sharing a shower with My husband and my 2 sons. I would like to put a shower in the ensuite. This would be my private oasis.


  6. Ken and Gisele says:

    My husband seems to spend ALOT of time in the bathroom, so an update would be GREAT!!

  7. Rob Allen says:

    Great product.I use it as often as possible.Winning this contest would help my family alot.

  8. savannah says:

    really need a new bathroom make over not even enough room for my fiancee and i and we would like to start a family to start a family

  9. would like a bigger bathroom because I have my washer and dryer in there.

  10. kathy wilson says:

    Help we need a new bathroom and my husband isn’t able to do the renovation his self. It would be a great father’s day gift that he’d never forget.

  11. Addy Addison says:

    We’re going to be in a different home soon and a bathroom make over would be awesome !!

  12. Tammy Foerster says:

    My one bathroom has been ripped apart and we have not been able to use it in years. Help please.

  13. tineke doornbosch says:

    help! we just painted our bathroom and it turned out ugly. The bathtub is too big for our hotwater tank, result: always a luke warm bath. In the winter the temperature in our bathroom does not come above 12C. We need help.


  14. Sarah O'Brien says:

    HELPPPP!! We are a young couple who have just recently purchased our first house, we are having a great time renovating and making the house our own, our only problem: THE BATHROOM, we cannot afford to update our bathroom as it will be a HUGE job:
    Our bathroom is a multitude of PINK tile. Floor, walls, ceiling and shower! Our vanity is also pink with a faux-marble pink finish. Please pick us to update our ugly, tacky bathroom!

  15. Sandy says:

    We would like a bathroom.

  16. Nancy D says:

    Our small house barely holds the 5 of us – my husband renovated one of the bathrooms and it took him almost two years. The main bathroom is 40 years old has blue fixtures and an unleveled toilet that seems to be always leaking water – no to mention an awful odour. The tiles are craking, grout is missing and this little space is an awful mess. My 5, 3 and 1 1/2 year old share this tiny little space and I really need it to be a safe, efficient and a clean area for them – there’s only so much that household chemicals can do. Please help. I would be so grateful.

  17. angela says:

    I would love to win this one as I need to have my bathroom wheelchair accessable!

  18. Silvia Schiavone says:

    If you ask me if I prefer showers or baths– I would say without hesitation that I’m definitely a bath person. However, my bathroom is dated and really lacks that long, soak in the tub appeal. A spa-like bathroom makeover would be a dream come true. P.S. My husband prefers showers!

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