December 2nd, 2022

Ontario residents can submit a code from a Food Basics receipt for a chance to win $10,000 in grocery gift cards. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Open to: ON

Expires January 4, 2023
Gear up with the best financial products in Canada & win a Mountain Of Prizes

21 Responses to Win Groceries for a Year

  1. KOB says:

    So there’s only one entry using npn?

  2. Cheryl Sawyer says:

    I hope I win as I am a senior and can’t afford to much

    • Bibi Mohamed says:

      I am a senior and cannot afford groceries at this time.
      Would be very good to win somethings.
      Thank you. God Bless!
      “Happy Holidays”

  3. James says:

    The only store that has every thing I require at competitive prices.

  4. Robert Brydges says:

    If I happen to win I will split with Cheryl

  5. James Thompson says:

    food basics is my favorite “local” store.

  6. RICHARD HUOT says:

    my name Richard I would love to give my friends a great gift why they are great to me im disabled and they are very good to me that would make me smile god bless merry Christmas to the lucky winner

  7. Loree Palmer says:

    I don’t have a credit card!!! Does that mean I can’t enter the contest??????

  8. Frances Maki says:

    I shop there everyday. There is always something new or something on special.

  9. Bibi Mohamed says:

    I shop at Food Basics regularly and no the staff is very friendly and helpful.
    Would like to enter for the contest and hopefully win. I would share with others.

    “Happy Holidays”
    “God Bless”

  10. Helen Harris says:

    I love Food Basics. I am there at least 4 days a week. I go to 2 stores all the time. I know the people who work in the Big City store compared to the smaller community that I live near, but its the same deals and the same great prices I go for. I really do save money going to Food Basics because I do comparison shopping, now more than ever.

  11. rosemarie tiburcio oligo says:

    we are poor seniors ,to win a grocery is a big help,since groceries are very expensive.

  12. CATHERINE wallace says:

    ILove Food basics It’s about I say 10 minute walk I love food basics has everything that I need And I go every 2nd day or whenever there’s a new sale I’m a senior so it gives me exercise to walk back-and-forth Em The prices are good the fruit vegetables are fresh they put them out all the time The place is clean the The staff is friendly and helpful I’m a senior myself and I’m I’d like to win It’s hard times now And I would help other people Cause that’s kinda person I am Merry Christmas And thank you

  13. Barb Curran says:

    Food basics is my favourite grocery store!!

  14. rosemarie tiburcio oligo says:

    always has good deals

  15. rosemarie tiburcio oligo says:

    convinient, very close to my apt.

  16. Debra Renaud says:

    I am a regular customer of Food Basics. I find very good value for my money shopping at Food Basis which is really important during these difficult times. I am able to stretch my grocery budget further than the other grocery stores where I have done comparative shopping. Furthermore, they have ‘SELECTION ‘products which offer me extra savings while maintaining their high quality. Food Basic proves that their customers matter.

  17. Marlene Taylor says:

    I would love to win and help the food banks as well


    This would be a huge help as we are seniors on government pensions. I enjoy shopping at Food Basics with good produce, nice cuts of meats, a lot of choices and good sales. Thanks for this opportunity!

  19. Anna DiLoreto says:

    I shop at Food Basics weekly the prices are great!! As well as the employee’s.

  20. NormanKoch says:

    Love shopping at Food Basic,great prices

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