June 25th, 2022

Enter for a chance to win a $1,370 prize package that includes a cooler, foldable chairs, a beer bucket, and more. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: single

Expires July 27, 2022
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5 Responses to Win an Outdoor Prize Package

  1. joblop says:

    Ontario only!

  2. Dante Qualizza says:

    I wonder if anyone actually wins any of these contests of if it’s just a way for them to get your info for marketing purposes. Winners are never announced. There’s no transparency.

    • Dan says:

      Once in a while I come back here and enter whatever contests I can (most are not open to QC). A couple of years ago I won $10,000 cash.

    • Sue says:

      Every company that runs a contest announces winners. This site just posts about them. What transparency do you want when you don’t even know how this site works?

    • Ciel says:

      This website page is a handy word of mouth location to find out if members here won contests, especially ones of high value. Nice community!

      Some contest rules state that it’s possible to get the winners names by sending a mail-in request for them within a certain timeframe.

      Others do obviously post winners on the contest websites or their social media channels or one of the channels (if stated or by doing your own search of them for winner posts).

      Then there are sponsors who do not post winners or don’t say how the public announcement of the winner will be conducted (thus ensuring a regular checking of the sponsor site for any winner or contest update pages, social media channels or some random person online who gets sponsor e-mails/newsletter which may be the only way to see winners’ names.

      Quebec as of last August has expanded contest opportunities for its residents provided that sponsors accept international entries in their contests. However, many US contest sponsors running US/Cda contest still exclude QC so that points to a lack of recognition of the Regie rule updates or no budget for a marketing campaign to spread the contest news (or just a plain unwillingness by US contest sponsors to deal with prize value deposits in filing with the Regie for QC participants.

      A few Canadian contest sponsors have taken to running parallel contests-one for QC and one for rest of Canada in order to minimize the fee paid to the Regie regarding prize values with the contest applications.

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