March 15th, 2007

Our new, spam-free Canadian Contest forums are alive! ALIVE I say!!
We love the comments you all write on our contest postings. That includes the helpful corrections, the beneficial answers and support to other commenters, and your enthusiasm for cool contest prizes. We even got a kick out of that teenager complaining about his mom.
But comments don’t really build into conversations, so we wanted to provide a forum for our visitors to air their views, connect with others, share tips and tricks, list new contests that we may have neglected, and so much more.
So please, please head on over and start or join a conversation. I think that if we get enough people involved that this could grow into a beautiful thing.


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4 Responses to Visit our New Canadian Contest Forums!

  1. Debbie Lemaire says:

    Hello!! I am new to this!! I have been ocassionally entering contests on this site and haven’t won anything yet…although I remain hopeful…do I still qualify for the amazon $50?


  2. AcerceBleak says:

    Hello there everyone.
    I just became a part of this forum… I would love to be a part of this forum
    I really love the atmosphere here. Very nice job by the admin and moderators and every member around.
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  3. extefeseesque says:

    Ohai guys, long time reader first time poster here

    glad to be a member, and I’m keen to begin getting more active here

    Until then take a look at my pages

  4. Mark Soloway says:

    I look forward to furnishing my house with my Winnings…