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If you’ve won a prize in a contest that you found here, please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! And if you haven’t won anything recently, perhaps browsing through things that other people have won will be the boost that you need in order to keep entering.


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  1. Oliviea says:

    Just came back from a trip to Jamaica that I won. Yeah mon!!!

    • Coleen Fangrad says:

      Congrats! How long did you have to wait until you got your tickets for your trip? And did you go through a travel agency or was it all managed for you? Thanks for your feedback

  2. mark blommers says:

    I won a new mini cooper from the pringles contest! I was notified in febuary, got my car in april, BEST PRIZE EVER

  3. Fay Van Horn says:

    Wow, congratulations. My last big prize was a trip in 2000, but win lots of smaller things. You have to keep entering.

    • Carolynn says:

      Hello Fay – yes, you are very correct…. you have to keep entering. I’ve had two big wins but there was a couple of years in between. Over coffee each morning I have it as part of my routine to enter 4-6 daily contests – only takes me about 5 minutes. No time at all and it’s paid off for me! Good luck to you – keep entering!

  4. SusanB says:

    Wow! Congrats Mark!!!

  5. Mike says:

    won a pair of front row floor tickets for the Bare Naked Ladies in Cranbrook BC. love those guys. thanks.

  6. Carolynn says:

    It has been a while since I posted here – I won a big win once ($5000 cash from Dairyland/Saputo) in Oct 2011 and then only smallish prizes for a long while. However, I won the November or December (can’t remember which) WestJet on-line $1000 flight credit. This isn’t the ‘phone scam’ contest – it is the on-line one they ran on their WestJet Magazine website. So yah-hoo – since Oct 2011 I’ve won well over $6000 – mostly cash, or as good as over the past few years. I enter about 5 or so (daily entry ones) each morning over my first cup of coffee. Good luck everyone!

  7. Jo-anne says:

    I won the Del Monte Cinco De Mayo contest in July (value of prize $9000)! I will be heading to Mexico in 2016!

  8. Trevor says:

    I’ve won a $10000 motorbike, $2500 cash, a $2500 gift certificate to Hunter Douglas, a $2000 travel voucher, a $1200 tablet, a printer and digital camera each worth $600, and all kinds of smaller items like ipods, hard drives, childrens toys, countless certificates for food, and various other items like small kitchen appliances and a wine fridge. I honestly can’t even remember everything I’ve won. I estimate that I’ts close to $29000 worth of stuff over the last 4-5 years. Persistence does pay off.

  9. Cathy says:

    I’m trying to enter in for the contests, but it says you have to complete the online registration form at Can someone tell me why I can’t get into this site.

  10. Cathy says:

    maybe I may be mistaken. Is it the small box that says your information? For some reason I am expecting a much larger form to fill in

  11. Sara says:

    Won advanced tickets For mockingjay part 2 at the TIFF at Toronto through #MasterCard. Thank you for the link!!!!
    MY kids are extra excited!! Nothing taste better than bragging rights!!!

  12. Fay Van Horn says:

    congratulations and enjoy! This is the longest I have gone without any wins, but hopefully soon.

  13. Susan B says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy the movie! This is also the longest I’ve gone without any wins.

  14. marshall says:

    I just won $1000.00 gift card will really help for christmas

  15. Mary says:

    I won a trip to Bora Bora!

  16. Steve F says:

    persistence does pay off. I won a 3 day trip to Las Vegas through 711 and monster energy. included airfare 500 cash, and hotel accomodations plus tickets to the monster energy cup in the mohave desert. took the trip in mid october. havent posted in awhile!

    • Steve F says:

      Another comment on persistency!

      I have been doing contests since 2007.

      Since then I can estimate my grand total value of prizes to e around 40-45,000$

      if you want to be successful. enter daily, follow the rules, and get yourself an autofill software for data entry!

      some big wins include
      honda 4-wheeler in 2013
      hockey equipment
      gym membership
      trip to vegas
      trip to muskokas
      hockey trips vip style

      list goes on…
      the resources are out there, take full advantage!

      I wish all of you the best luck! bot not much πŸ˜‰

      • Ribbons says:

        I just started doing daily contests about a month ago. I use Google Chrome’s auto fill to take care of most forms for me. I save all my bookmarks into a folder on my desktop and organize them into seperate folders once the contests have ended.

        I have a few questions though, do you take the time to read over all the contest rules and terms? Have you ever lost a prize due to a skill testing question? Do they mostly call you, or email you? Do you enter all contests, or just the ones you like the prizes for? Do you only use this website, or have a big range of websites you look for contests for?

        Thanks if you reply to this! πŸ™‚

        • Steve F says:

          I use google chrome, its a great auto-fill software for free

          I try to read to the rules as much as I can. People make mistakes when posting links, it happens rarely, but its a good thing to do. To my knowledge I have never lost a contest to a skill testing question. skill testing questions usually come with your entry, or sometimes following the contest by the way of a waiver or declaration form. I usually have a few different people verify my answer before I submit anything. My biggest win which was an ATV for my father, the skill testing question was on the declaration an release. kind of funny but they made a mistake on the skill testing question, and it appeared different on 2 documents. we verified the correct question, and we answered correctly. my best advice is always respond to a win quickly, and be thankful. I always express my gratitude and respond quickly. most marketing company’s or promoters are happy to see you win, and will really do their best to make sure you answer correctly. anyhow. rules are huge though,always pay attention! best of luck, wish you lots of success. Like I said ive been doing contests since 2007. I started entering and taking sweepstakes seriously around 2010. Since 2010 I have won about 40-45,000$ in prizes. Look up tips online, and check out Carolyn Wilman on youtube, she has great resources

          • Ribbons says:

            Thank you very much for responding! I will make sure to keep my attention on the rules. It must feel amazing to have won so many prizes. My boyfriend makes sure to remind me not to get my hopes up, and I am doing this for fun but I like making sure I’m being persistent on filling out contests daily.

            I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, and I’ll totally check out that youtuber. πŸ™‚

  17. Eve says:

    After entering on here for years- I won something!
    $1000 gift card from The Bay!

  18. Elizabeth C says:

    Just started doing these at work since I was stuck with super dead evenings – in a week managed to get a 250 dollar GNC Gift card
    & a 100 dollar presidents choice GC! YAY
    Gettin paid while gettin’ paid!

    Hoping for a trip one of these days ! Lucky duckies

  19. Louise Raymond says:

    J’arrive du bureau de poste de Lavaltrie et au comptoir nous sommes toujours bien servies. Des personnes sociables. Merci d’avoir encore notre service comptoir dans notre ville.

  20. Fay Van Horn says:

    I try not to get discouraged, but I have not won anything this year. I have been entering contests for 15 years and have had some nice wins, but this year- nothing. I am not sure what the difference is now, except there are more US and Canada contests to enter, far more Facebook, and since I am not on Twitter or Pinterest, I can’t enter those.

  21. Susan B says:

    I think all of us long term contest enterers (sp?) are feeling it this year. I’ve had a couple very small wins, but nothing like I’ve had in previous years.

  22. Pamela Skinberg says:

    I won a squeeze bottle of Hellman’s mayo πŸ™‚ It’s not a trip to Hawaii but I’ll take it. Thank you, Hellman’s!

  23. Ribbons says:

    I won a Lulla Doll! I think the contest was on Facebook, and I think I found the group through either a contest on here or another website I follow. But it’s my first big-ish win. The doll is worth around $100 and it helps babies sleep! I gave it to a friend of mine who has a two month old baby girl. πŸ™‚

  24. Sara says:

    Won a Solar Car Kit worth 25 dollars through a blog contest I found here. Hopefully, next time, I’ll win the real thing!!

  25. Marie says:

    Started doing contest seriously (30min most mornings) at the end of this summer. Since then we’ve won two movie passes and a 30 pack of keurig k-cups. Still waiting on a big win but these are fun in the meantime

  26. Nathan S says:

    I won the Dapper and Done’s Men’s Grooming Giveaway, Just ordered a bunch of expensive, hipster male grooming products and paid 1 dollar πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the awesome website. Good luck everyone!

    You lose 100 percent of the contests you don’t enter.

  27. Jim says:

    I recently won a $500 gift certificate to use at a Cub Cadet dealer from reebee, I hope this is the end of my dry spell.

  28. Kristin says:

    I started entering contests everyday about 2 months ago, just a few per day in the mornings. I won a trip to Boston to see the Winter Classic using a picture of my husband and brother for the #GameFaceOn contest sponsored by L’Oreal Men’s and NHL… Then a week later, I won a 10 day all inclusive trip to Cancun (unfortunately the contests overlapped, and we went to Cancun of course!) which hosted us at the #HockeyHotel to watch the World Junior Hockey Tournament. WOW what a great experience!! Thank you ContestCanada!

  29. Pam says:

    I’ve just been notified that I won the Family Jr. Leapfrog Kid’s tablet prize package! Yay! My nieces will love it. Thank you ContestCanada!

  30. Fay VanHorn says:

    congratulations. I entered, but of course, no win!

  31. Amy says:

    I won the Elle Grand Prix Beauty package – worth $1700 πŸ™‚

  32. JB says:

    I start doing contest everyday maybe at the start of december and since then I have won, 200$ gift card at lowes and also a pre-screening of Dirty grampa ticket. I hope I keep winning and I am also wishing to win one of the trip!

  33. Jason says:

    It does pay off, try local contests as much as possible, the odds are in your favour. But in the last year and a half I have won lots of small things, movie passes, concert tickets, but 3 larger prizes, fishing derby with some Vancouver Canucks on a Boston Whaler, with rods, gear, guides for 4 and we caught a salmon each…great prize…and a trip to F1 Race in Montreal with Infinity…Ritz Carlton hotel, first class flights, gala tickets, met the mayor or Montreal, Habs GM Marc Bergevin, Zeta Jones and Micheal Douglas were there, it was valued at 24,000$ for 2 people so just those 2 prizes have made it worth it…just keep entering…the more you do the better. My skill testing question was done on the phone but the marketing company were fabulous.

  34. Lorna says:

    I just won the January #SunwingMode contest … a trip for 4 (2 adults/2 kids) to Holguin, Cuba!!!

    I have won a lot (trip to Costa Rica through G Adventures, $10k bedroom makeover from Canadian Hotel group, Leap Pad from YTV, mixed prizes from the Steven & Chris show, Lorax DVD from Air Transat… plus more!)

    You can’t win if you don’t enter πŸ™‚

  35. Mike says:

    Nice wins, Lorna – congratulations! How long have you been entering contests?

  36. Pam says:

    Yeah!!!!! Just got notification that I won 6th prize in the “The Tech Awakens” contest (I had a good feeling about that one!). It’s an android tablet and memory card worth over $200, so I’m very excited. I’ve been entering for about 2 months now. Have won a bottle of Hellman’s mayonnaise ($7.50 yeah!!), a Leapfrog LeapPad prize package ($260) and now this. I started entering in hopes of winning a vacation, but this is very fun no matter what. Keep entering and things will happen. They have to!

  37. Fay VanHorn says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your prize. I used to win a lot of prizes, but over the past year, nothing. I will keep entering, though.

  38. Fay VanHorn says:

    I got an email yesterday from the Brick saying I had won a prize for their Black Friday sale. It was crazy as that is the first time I have seen that email, it was dated yesterday for a contest back in November. Looked authentic and gave me all the instructions to claim!

  39. Fay VanHorn says:

    After MONTHS of no wins, finally got a Lays chips prize pack valued at $32.00!

  40. Pam says:

    alright! Go Fay! or should we call you Fay-Lay? lol

  41. Sara says:

    I just won a pair of tickets to see Lion’s Law band in Toronto ($18.50+fees each). They gave me 3 days notice to attend the concert. I called and asked if it the Win can be transferable, since I couldn’t attend and wanted to gift the tickets instead – was told I cannot. I instructed the promotion’s guy to give them to someone else. Too bad, so sad…

  42. Veronica says:

    I’ve been wondering, every time I enter to win and I don’t check the boxes to have these companies send me promotional emails, notifications, etc. Does that mean my entry doesn’t really count? I figure they would prefer you check those boxes. :/

  43. Sara Abu-middin says:

    Won a pair of movie tickets to see a movie at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto through Scene Creek. Received a very short noticed – two or three days before. Couldn’t go due to work. I called and asked that tickets will be given away.

  44. Lauie says:

    I won the Elle 2016 Grand Prix back in January, and this month I won the bed face contest(sleep set)

  45. Sara says:

    Won a pair of tickets to see Frank D’Angelo & his 15 piece band live in concert. 60 dollars value. I’m sligthly deaf after the show. It was decent. Better than spending the evening in my pj’s.

  46. Ernie Balls says:

    Funny how the same people claiming they won has never changed in yrs…all bullshit contests it seems.

    Yours truly,

    I call bullshit on this site!

  47. FAY Van Horn says:

    Well, I sure hope these naysayers quit this site and that will leave more opportunity for me to win. I can assure you I only post actual wins. My family certainly enjoyed our trip for four to Jamaica, which was my first win in 2000, on a single entry. Please do stop using this site, thanks.

  48. Fay says:

    Lol that is funny because I have won quite a few contests, so therefore it is not bullshit. You just have to actually read the rules, enter as much as possible, and stay on top of contests. You won’t always win. Duh.

  49. Meg says:

    I stopped by your site for the first time a couple months ago and won $1000 from Ardene. I will be back!

  50. Georgia says:

    I just won a $500 grocery gift card!! Woo, I love doing contests

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