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    Start a new topic or add on to the existing ones if you’ve got a win to share or you’d like to congratulate someone on their recent good luck.

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    By the way, if you’re looking for the old “Winners” page, you can still view it with this link: http://www.contestcanada.net/winners

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    Good karma dictates that the right thing which was just done was to donate my board-game Prize Pack from Orville Redenbacher’s Kick It contest to a neighborhood assistance program.NOW i feel like a Winner… :)

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    I only have one win so far this year. It was a good prize ($250 NHL.com gift card) but I’m ready for more.

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    what’s the longest anyone has had to wait for a prize?
    I won the ytv Leappad Explorer contest in November…. and nothin’ yet… apparently demand was great at Xmas…

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    Fay VanHorn

    Won two ticket to Lorax from Weather Network. Will likely just donate them somewhere.

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    Ashley S

    Won the chicken soup for the Canadian soul book :)

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    I just won and Excel Coffee mug in the instant prize when I entered the contest! Wohoo!

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    I started entering contests in 2007. My first win was the Torino Olympics DVD Collection of the Olympics in Italy. My 2nd win was in 2010 ish when I won Californication Season 2 on DVD. In 2012 January 1st ish I won the Natural Factors- Anti Cold Herbal Extract. Contests I just have mentioned previosly are of all my wins that have been directed leads from Contest Canada. So there has been definitely strectches in between for me as well. I love the site! What I have found personally is that contest entering as a hobby is rare on a local scale. So I apply all my contest searching tactics to alot of local contests, and I have won alot. Try paying attention to local news sources, radio stations, events. I found more then often when I started entering local news contests, radio contests, I would win at least every six months or so. Locally Ive won gift certificates for 25 dollars to popular restaurants. I won my my gf’s niece a my little pony prize pack valued at like 70 dollars. One thing I dont do enough of is enter contests more then once, I just get my name in as many draws as possible and hope for the best.

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    good morning all, I got an email and phone call form e-talk saying I won a pair of tickets to the Madonna contest at the Air Canada Centre woooooooooooohooooooooooooooo

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    I won the hot tub for a weekend from MP Paradise Pools! Thanks Contest Canada/Artman!

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    How does that work, LL44? You get a hot tub for a weekend?

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    Won a pair of movie passes from The Weather Network :)

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    My friend won the Tim Horton’s Sens Suite contest he entered here (I urged him to do so), so I get to go too! Thanks for posting it!

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    Kevin Linkie

    I just won an Ipad 3 from WinJunkie. Thank you for mentioning this contest :)

    Very much appreciate it :)

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    yes Artman…. I have from now until Dec. to choose any weekend I want to have a hot tub delivered to my yard… :)
    (sorry for delayed response!)

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    Ashley H.

    I won the Bring It On Canadian Tire contest! $1000 Canadian Tire gift card. I’m going to give the gift of tires to my car and my boyfriend’s car. Just in the nick of time. If we’d actually had winter weather this year I would have been toast on what I’m using now.

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    I DID IT i planted a TRUFULA TREE for the new DR.Suess movie and it grew into free tickets ty for the help contest canada

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    Yes, Artman… they deliver a portable hot tub on a weekend of my choosing :)

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    Enjoy the movie, Brandon!

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    @LL44 – so we’re all invited to your place for the hot tub party? :)

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    My most recent win was $650 in anti-aging skin care products from The Kit. Over the years I’ve probably won over $100K in prizes, so thank you to Artman and contestcanada.net for all your hard work in gathering and posting these contests!

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    Fay VanHorn

    What is all this garbage!!!

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    I hope you can trace all these posts as it appears they are advertising child porn… so disturbing….

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    Sorry for the recent spam, everyone…our spam filter normally does a pretty good job, but it’s astonishing how many times per day we get garbage like that. I’ve cleaned up the posts, and I’ll see what I can do to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

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