September 12th, 2019

Enter here daily for a chance to win an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s pretty much the same as your current iPhone, but shinier. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: 18+

Expires September 22, 2019
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15 Responses to Win an iPhone 11 Pro Max

  1. Mario Ferland says:


  2. I have loved Apple’s iPhones since I stood in line at the local mall together the first one in 2007
    .I upgraded every chance I could up to the iPhone 6XL. After that the costs got beyond my reach. It’s still my fave and I’d really love to get back to using one again. Thanks, Deborah

  3. Pouffe says:

    Says open to Canada, US and Puerto Rico
    Sure changes the odds of winning

  4. A Davis says:

    iphones are amazing, androids are doodoo

  5. Angela says:

    When I was a younger, my mom had an iPhone 4s and at the time it was the best thing I had ever seen in my life.Since then I’m an iPhone lover.I have stopped at the iPhone 8 I can’t afford them anymore

  6. Aysha Abokris says:

    Hi my name is Aysha and I need this iPhone I have a iPod it is busted
    and I get bullied for it and I am in high school studying to be a doctor
    And it is really hard to study without a good phone

  7. Sonya Tucker says:

    Hello im Sonya Tucker and i really need a phone i am in high school and i am the only other person in my school that is my age who does not have a phone and i think it is not fair because my dad refuses to get me a phone but he gets my 12 year old brother 2 phones. So i just really need a phone plz.

  8. Jade says:

    Hello, I’m jade and I really need a new phone my ex recently beat me up and I pressed charges he smashed my phone and I think he should pay for it but he won’t and my moms on vacation and my it’s hard for him to pay for 4 other kids in the family.

  9. Tony Curtis says:

    I played the game to win an I phone 11 thru an ad from Canada Post today on January 25/20, I won and filled everything out for the shipping cost but then I keep losing it how do I get it back to out my payment back on it to win my phone and have it delivered please,

    • Rexin says:

      It’s a scam dude I just got it and was about to fill it then checked online and found out that It is a scam. Sorry to say but they fooled you.

  10. Rexin says:

    Well,I am 17yrs and I left my house cause they beat me up all the time cause I am a lesbian and I have no money on me and I am living with my counselor. I really love iphone I did ask my dad when I was living with him to buy me one but never asked more than once cause that would get me in trouble and I don’t know whether these are some good reasons or not to win but at least I tried. I guess…

  11. joe says:

    your are a beep beep beep beep beeping fart

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