May 16th, 2019

Enter daily for a chance to win a cheque for $25,000. Good luck!

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Not open to: QC, YT, NT, NU

Expires June 9, 2019
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42 Responses to Win $25,000

  1. Michele Barrett says:

    I hope to win.

  2. To win would be great

  3. Peter Hoppe says:

    I love this site

  4. I would buy a newer vehicle to take a trip down to bc coast line and dip my grand daughters nike bright peach colored running shoes into the pacific ocean. my grand daughter Aurora ledoux had a wish which was granted for her. from the childrens wish foundation, we were suppose to RV across the west towards BC to take her site seeing, but it didnt happen. we were gonna go to the pacific ocean to dip her tiny lil feet into the fresh beautiful ocean. But it never happened due to failure of her injuries that happened the year of 2013 july 14. Aurora ledoux passed on Febuary 9 2018. That was the summer we were suppose to go travelling to the west coast. With our little girl.If you would like to read more about Aurora Sky Brandy Ledoux, you can look her web page up on Facebook Prayers for Aurora Sky Brandi.thats what I would do with 25000 take her nike shoes and dip them into the pacific ocean and come home and put them on her grave site. that was our wish for her…

  5. candace herrington says:

    If I won I would pay off my sons student loans. And take a trip to P.E.I

  6. Lodge Allen Steven Byk says:

    Lodge Allen Steven Byk says.
    May 19, 2019

    My dream is very simple, basic, and helpfull. I will loose my apartment and rather then be homeless, that money would last 4 years. It is very hard to survive with rising costs of everything. From Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

  7. Would pay off my debts…buy new hearing aids..quit my second job..and start enjoying life again.

  8. susan krupp says:

    I would be very grateful, live debt free, buy some teeth, see my dad in New Zealand and buy a house with more than three rooms!

  9. Marie says:

    I really want to go on a dune buggy safari and or race course

  10. Marie says:

    I really want to go on a dune buggy safari and or race course. With my family

  11. Single Mom says:

    As divorced single mom, I have been raising her son since the age of 5. His father moved on with his life and never provided anything to his son.
    My son is 21 years old now. After his first year of university, he had to work 2 years to pay back as I was declined for further loans. So he could not stay in school. Now he is at college, started a different cheaper program compared to Engineering. He is working part time jobs here and there to make both end meet. I want him to focus on his studies and as a mom I want to see him graduating in few years.
    The $25,000 will help him stay in school and graduate sooner.

    Thanks for helping a single mom

  12. Christina says:

    I would use the money to buy wheelchair van so we could transport our disabled daughter.

  13. Forrest Micheal Douglas Bird says:

    Well I am a father of 7 beautiful little blessing also known as children and one on the way and my wife is an amazing mother and my children always dreamed of traveling through the mountains and going to a zoo and visiting family they never met in BC but we just don’t have the money or a proper vehicle and my daughter is saving bottles until she has enough to do so and we just can’t break her heart and tell her it would take many years to save enough to do half of that so if I won 25000$ I would first of all pay some of our Dept,buy my wife a new used SUV,and get a big 15 passenger van and take my kids traveling through the mountains and visit the Calgary zoo

  14. I would like the opportunity to win. With that kind of money, I would pay off my loan. I than would buy my mother a headstone for her grave. She is just a number on her plot, because we could not afford a headstone back then and I would love to get her a beautiful stone for her grave. My mom passed away with breasts cancer in 1992. My mom was my best friend and I miss her everyday. My mom deserves one, she had a big heart and a beautiful soul. With that and what is left of the winnings I would treat my self to a trip to Greece. I wish my dream to come true.

  15. Leonie Whyte says:

    I would love to win and pay off all my debts and help my daughter pay for her student loan.

  16. Cindy edwards says:

    I would use the money on renovating my basement.
    I had considered selling my house, my son passed on april12,2018 from a drug overdose.
    He and I picked this house out together. And we had been renovating this place together.
    Many projects are left unfinished. I have been learning how to do them myself so the house can be a happy place and not look at all the half started projects and unfinished plans that we made together.

  17. Gwen aucoin says:

    I would take my whole team out for dinner and night team is very special,we laugh,cry, and help each other. When one of us gets into trouble doing something wrong, we go down as a team..we fix issue’s and move on as a team. There isn’t to many co workers that would go down for there teams..that’s what I would do.

  18. Kathy Traplin says:

    i would take my brother on a trip somewhere tropical for a holiday. He lives in Edmonton and has never been on a real holiday.

  19. lori yancoff says:

    If I won I would share with my husband. He is in a wheelchair and it is hard to go anywhere.We live day to day and constantly worrying about money. So I guess we would treat ourselves with something special, then pay off some debts. Thank You.

  20. Dawn Lackey says:

    My Husband’s 2 daughters live in Calgary. We live in Newfoundland. We would use the money to go visit them. It’s kind of a big deal because we haven’t seen them or our 3 year old Grandson for 2 years and there is a second Grandson on the way!

  21. Keith Elfenbein says:

    Would be a super cool win.
    Maybe a newer car, as mine is on its last legs. Or a trip somewhere warm or both!

  22. Dante says:

    Definitely will give my wife a long holiday back to Samoa. She cared for others while she battled through her health. She has recovered and works hard. This trip she will take by herself is what she needs. Who says money can’t buy love!

  23. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Donate to son for grand children’s university education.

  24. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Would surely help with Grandchildren’s university!

  25. Wendy Vey says:

    I move back to Peterborough and bought house with a pool, but the back yard needs a lot of work. I want it to be a back yard oasis so I could enjoy with family and friends. THAT IS THE DREAM!

  26. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Hello grandkids with university!

  27. Karen klemenz says:

    If I won it would be a dream come true! Nothing too glamorous pay bills have an extra special family celebration for our youngest daughters wedding Aug 2in Whitehorse!

  28. if I won 25 000 I could pay for my autistic grandsons to go to school and my car lease is up and have to pay 8,000 to keep the car

  29. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Grandkid schooling only!

  30. Lana Sinclair says:

    I would invest into my sons education rrsp and buy a mobile home..

  31. I would love to take my grandchildren to Disney World. $25,000 would more than cover the cost of this amazing trip.

  32. I would get a better place to live and get out of debt.

  33. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Grandkids education!

  34. Gabriela says:

    I would love to make some renovations in my house. Need a new deck. Change the carpet. New master washroom.

  35. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Would be a great help with grandkids education!

  36. Rosalie Subchuk says:

    My dream of winning something big for many years and now here’s my chance to win something free for just entering . I would love this dream to become a reality as it would fill up all the empty spots in my life. Thanks lotto max for this big giveaway of money.

  37. Doreen LeBlanc says:

    Grandkids education!
    I’m repeating myself! LOL

  38. T. Jones says:

    If I won I would share the money for where each child got $5000 each for school and $5000 for my eldest to invest in his businesses. The last $5000 I would put towards a place so we can finally be safe and have a piece of mind. I’m praying that we can win so we can finally get out of the hell we are living.

  39. Carol Rowley says:

    Being a senior low income person, I would use the money to get my eyes, teeth & hearing fixed as the government does not cover a lot of things.

  40. Lea says:

    If I win
    The lottery I will donate some for our Barangay in the Philippines