September 11th, 2018

Enter here for a chance to win a Captain Canuck 1 oz. silver coin. The question is, can I pay for my Slurpee’s with it? Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Not open to: QC
Age: 18+

Expires September 18, 2018
Join now and start earning money!

13 Responses to Win a Captain Canuck Silver Coin

  1. Who is it that writes those comments re the contests ? I strongly suggest that you move him/her to a less taxing position. Then again it’s probably not a paid job ?

    Lauchlan Fulton

    • artman says:

      Hi Lauchlan, nice to meet you. I appreciate your concern for my well being but I honestly don’t think a less taxing job than this even exists. If you know of any, though, be sure to let me know. I’m all about minimum effort for maximum dollars. So far I’ve only got the minimum part figured out.

  2. Frank says:

    I absolutely LOVE the witty? comments. Keep it up!

  3. Paul says:

    Artman, I won’t allow you to be besmurched. Although you could be this Lauchlan fellow, it could be contract time and you could be seeking leverage.
    We’ll see How the World will Turn.

  4. Dave says:

    Artman takes the time and trouble to try to make things humorous and you crap over him. Sheesh people love complaining about things that they get for free. Bad enough we have to listen to Frances whine morning, night, and noon.

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