September 4th, 2017

Enter here for a chance to win a $100 or $200 gift card. I hate to sound ungrateful but could you be a bit more specific next time? Is it to a clothing store, or grocery store, or coffee shop, or a taco stand? Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: 18+

Expires November 14, 2017
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11 Responses to Win a Gift Card


    very tasty

  2. kind of blue says:

    Server not found

    • Kathie Weiss-Lefebvre says:

      Enter the contest by completing the survey about the Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Bar here:

    • Kathie Weiss-Lefebvre says:

      here’s the contest page: . Be careful to include the www.

  3. waste of time says:

    your page is bogus…..this does not work link does not exist!!!!!!

  4. Fay Van Horn says:

    Actually, I am not unhappy with the people leaving this site, and not entering contests any more. gives better odds for the rest of us.

  5. Judy says:

    I only got the card in February of 2018…and it has already expired months ago….thanks

  6. Fay Van Horn says:

    Judy, are you saying you won in this contest and got card that has expired as a prize?

  7. Harvey says:

    Tasty &wholesome

  8. Kathie Weiss-Lefebvre says:

    The card I received along with a free sample of Kellog’s Special K Nourish bar indicates that the contest ends April 13, 2018. Here are the rules: . Here is the URL for the survey you must complete as your contest entry: . Best of luck, everyone!