April 6th, 2017

Enter here every day for a chance to win a 10-day British Landscapes Tour for 2. You’ll see that place with the clock, and that famous river, and that palace where the Queen lives, and maybe some other stuff. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Not open to: QC
Age: age of majority

Expires May 30, 2017

17 Responses to Win a trip to England

  1. cjworld says:

    Does anyone know the answer to the question Who does Queen Victoria believe is pregnant? Thanks.

  2. Julie Stewart says:

    Lady Flora .. Good luck!

  3. Filipa says:

    Thanks Julie!

  4. cjworld says:

    Thanks Julie !!!

  5. Heather Bush says:

    #2: Who declines Queen Victoria’s request to form a new government?

    anyone have the answer to this new question?

  6. cjworld says:

    Thanks Michele Tomlinson !

  7. marymary says:

    does anyone know where Queen Victoria went to confess her love to thanks!

  8. Jo-anne says:

    Brockett Hall

  9. Heather Bush says:

    Which instrument do Queen Victoria and Prince Albert play together?

  10. Jo-anne says:

    The Piano

  11. Heather Bush says:

    Thanks Jo-anne

  12. cjworld says:

    Thanks Jo-anne

  13. Heather Bush says:

    anyone know the latest answer?

  14. Cathy says:

    My DVR didn’t tape Victoria this week. I need an answer to the weekly question: What does Miss Skerrett say her first name is to Francatelli. Thanks!

  15. Heather Bush says:

    Who invites Prince Albert for a train ride on his property?