August 27th, 2016

Enter here for a chance to win a DC Super Hero Girl: Hero of the Year DVD. My niece asked me recently if there was a girl Spider-Man superhero she could watch. I didn’t have an answer for her but I think this video would make her happy. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: unlimited

Expires September 12, 2016

2 Responses to Win a DC Super Hero Girls DVD

  1. BF says:

    Thanks for contest info…about your niece’s interest in female spider-man types…

    Well there is Spider-Woman who did have an animated tv show back 1979 to 1980 here are a few of the episodes on YouTube plus other appearances in the 1994 Iron Man animated series & more details on her character available at

    Then there is Spider-Girl (daughter of Peter & Mary Jane Parker) who appeared in Marvel comics What If vol 2 #105 back in 1998 later got regular comic book series more details available plus an addendum there is also an appearance of Spider-Girl on the animated tv series “Ultimate Spider-Man” Season 3 episodes 9-12 story arc called The Spider-Verse Where Spider-man meets Spider-Girl so she has appeared in an animated tv series

    Also In the animated tv series “Ultimate Spider-Man” Season 4 story arc episodes 16-19 called “Return to the Spider-Verse” there is an appearance of the new Alternate Universe Spider-Woman aka Gwen Stacy where Gwen was bit by the spider instead of Peter

    Also Spider Woman & Spider-Girl have both appeared in video games…