May 30th, 2015

Vote daily in this Gusto TV poll for a chance to win a Paderno 12-piece stainless steel cookware set. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Not open to: QC
Age: 13+

Expires June 19, 2015

31 Responses to Win a Stainless Steel Cookware Set

  1. linda ferns says:

    this would be very nice to win.

  2. Karen says:

    Nice Prize Would Love To WIN

  3. vickyrutenberg says:

    That would be handy in the kitchen, no doubt

  4. Eva tse says:

    Now that I’m retired I’m into gourmet cooking and nice new pots and pans would be great!

  5. DEBBIE says:

    I don’t know why they open these contests to the ages of 13+. It is illegal for children to gamble.

  6. DEBBIE says:

    Entering a contest is a form of gambling. To enter a contest, you are taking a chance of winning a prize, against the odds of others entering. So, by definition, children should not be entering gambling. And if you note, most sites will indicate that you must be of legal age in the province in which you reside.

  7. Sharon says:

    Entering contests is not a form of gambling. It is only gambling if it cost us something. These contests are free.

  8. DEBBIE says:

    It does not matter whether or not you are paying. Gambling is playing the odds – whether it be if you are paying or not. Contests are a form of gambling by definition because you are playing against odds. Contests, I agree, are free; however, it is still a form of gambling (they are a sweepstakes). You are not putting in money physically in a slot machine, but you are filling out a form. If you win, you are still gaining something of monetary value. You are playing against of the odds of winning. If you look at the rules for this contest, if you a minor you cannot accept the prize unless by consent of an adult. WHY? Because it is a form of gambling. So, I do not understand why they would open this up to children.

  9. Sharon says:

    I disagree.

  10. DEBBIE says:

    Look up the definition of gambling via GOOGLE. It is a game of chance What do you think a contest is? It is a game of chance where the person gains something of value (if they are lucky). The person who completes the form is taking at chance at winning something in return. Gambling is all about taking risks of getting something in return. If I am so wrong, contact your local lotteries commission and ask them. But if you look at most sites, it stipulates that you must be 18+ in order to play. For example, if a child filled out a contest form for a car, do you really think the company would release the prize to a child.

  11. Mike says:

    You may have noticed that Canadian contests require you to complete a Skill Testing Question in order to win a prize. They do this so that the contest is considered a “Game of Skill” rather than a “Game of Chance”.

  12. DEBBIE says:

    That is not true. In fact, I have won prizes through various contests and I have not had to answer a Skill Testing Question, Mike. Please consult with the lotteries Corp. They will tell you that contests are a form of gambling. Simply put. Contests, in which a random draw from all submitted entries, does not require any skill. It is a game of CHANCE.

  13. lorri says: Says ‘gambling is the betting of something of value on the outcome of a contingency or event’. So, that means entering free contests is not considered gambling as no money is involved.

  14. DEBBIE says:

    Lori, please re-read what you wrote. Contests are gambling because the outcome of the event is usually of monetary value – the prize has a monetary value associated with it. Contests always place the value of the prize to be won. There is no money involved in placing your name on the form but the outcome is monetary. So, this is gambling (you are placing a bet – in the form of an entry to gain something in return (the outcome of the event). This is GAMBLING. If you read the rules and regulations of contests, most contests will indicate that you need to be 18 years or older. WHY? Because it is a form of gambling, which children should not be participating in. GAMBLING IS TAKING RISKS (whether it involves money or not). If the individual is lucky, they win.

  15. Sharon says:

    Debbie you are incorrect. Please be teachable. It has been explained to you.

  16. Michelle says:

    There are plenty of contests for those under 18. Even elementary schools regularly hold contests. What about colouring contests for prizes? The 18 and over thing with a lot of contests is for liability, not to look out for the ‘moral well-being of children’.

  17. Michelle says:

    So I checked out the BC Lottery Corporation and in the section, Kids and Gambling, they defined it as this: “What Is Gambling? In the simplest terms, gambling is when you wager money, or something of value, on a game of chance.”
    Wager means you put in money or something of value. You don’t do this for a contest…

  18. Sharon says:

    Thank you Michelle.

  19. Fay Van Horn says:

    I have almost always had to answer a skill testing question in order to win a prize. It is either right on the entry form, or the person phoning you about the prize asks you to answer a question, usually a math question, on the phone. I suppose there are always exceptions, but I expect the skill testing question with Canadian contests.

  20. DEBBIE says:

    Dear Michelle/Sharon:

    With all due respect – you are putting something of value when entering a contest (a game of chance). You are placing your personal information on an entry form. Although, there is no money involved, your information I would thing is of value. Isn’t your personal information of value to you. It is to me. So this is gambling.

  21. Sharon says:

    Of course my personal information is of value to me? I have been entering contests for five years and have never had one problem. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. However, this is your personal opinion and not based on truth. Usually best to keep opinions where they belong.

  22. DEBBIE says:

    With all due respect, Sharon. This is based on fact. If you look up the definition of GAMBLING laws in Canada – three elements are involved

    1) a prize
    2) a game of chance
    3) an exchange of something of value (whether it be monetary or not)

    This is gambling based on truth, NOT opinion. I would not want to have my children listing their personal information. For an adult to divulge this information is different as they are of legal age. Please check various sites for contest rules and regulations. If I am so wrong, why do children under the age of 18 need parental consent to enter a contest – because this is a form of gambling. GAMBLING takes many forms – from lotteries, contests, etc.

    Federal Regulation

    Criminal Code

    In its simplest form, gambling involves a prize, a chance and a consideration (money or other economic value) exchanged. Business promotions that are a combination of these three elements constitute a form of gambling.

  23. SusanB says:

    And here I thought it was just all in fun. 😉

  24. Michelle says:

    Debbie, with all due respect, I disagree with you. Maybe you should lobby the government for no contests for those under 18 instead of on a contest website.

  25. DEBBIE says:

    I am not lobbying on a contest website. I am just stating that this is a form of GAMBLING and businesses should not be promoting this for children under the age of 18. SO WHATEVER!

  26. lorri says:

    Debbie, I just quoted from the website, I suggest if you disagree you take it up with them. Have a nice day

  27. DEBBIE says:

    P.S. Most business do not promote this as they stipulate in the contest rules that you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in a contest. MOST companies realize that this is a form of GAMBLING and they cover themselves by stating this. However, there are a few that do.

  28. DEBBIE says:

    Dear Lori:

    I am not disagreeing with the quote you obtained from the website because you are betting with something of value – your personal information. But, I am disagreeing with you, as this is a form of GAMBLING (whether money is involved or not). So, please read carefully.