July 28th, 2012

Submit a story of a high pressure situation here for a chance to win a $5000 or 1 of 4 monthly $1000 cash prizes. And then come back here and share it with us so I have something to read. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Not open to: QC
Age: 13+
Essay required

Expires November 26, 2012
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4 Responses to Win $5000

  1. maria eskut says:

    Sometimes a life is very difficult. My native country is in the midle of Europe where live all my family. I live in Canada with my husband and two kids. There are small and I have to take care about them at home. We do not have enough money to travel in the Europe. My mother is the best person in the world. She is very patient, ineteligent and peaceful human being. She is very good but my heart is very sad because she is very sick. She struggles with cancer and her prognosis it is not so very good. Cancer is growing everywhre. She is very very very tired but she wants to win her fight over it. My dream is to visit her with my kids. I would like to see her happy again. I would like to spend with her couple weeks.. This is my big dream and when I win this contest I will go to buy tickets. Thanks for your atention.

  2. steve callahan says:

    man i could use this money to go visit my sister back east who is battling cancer . dream come true .

  3. Val K says:

    Good luck maria & steve.

  4. Sara says:

    My name is Sara D. on the contest! (picture of the girl with the snake)

    This is my story:

    Anaconda tracking in Venezuela!

    The Venezuelan wildlife guides tracked anaconda by wading in the mud and trying to scare the snakes out with their rubber boots. I was giddy with anticipation when a huge female snake was found and slithered out of the mud. The wildlife guide asked if I wanted to hold her in a photo. I was surprised but could not miss my chance to get up close and personal with such a beautiful creature.

    The snake was over 5 meters longs and weighed 300+ pounds. It took a group of us to hoist her. The snake had been acting fairly calm so the guide asked if I wanted to take a photo holding the snake’s jaws shut. I agreed without hesitation since I had travelled from Canada just for this encounter.

    The wildlife guide handed her massive head over to me and I gripped down with my bare hands. I yelled for my husband to quickly snap a photo. The snake took this opportunity to protest her capture and I almost lost my grip on her slippery body. She opened her mouth, let out a mighty hiss and bared her fangs. She lunged up and tried to bite my face. I was prepared for such an instance and held on tight as she thrashed about. The wildlife guide stepped in and grabbed the snake’s head away from me. He gently set it down and the snake peacefully returned into the waterhole.

    The guide was quite impressed that I was brave and held my ground against the serpent. He said most people would have panicked and let go. If the fangs had connected with my face I would have required major plastic surgery – or even worse if she had bit my neck.