March 20th, 2012

Residents of Ontario can enter here for a chance to win $35,000 towards a new home or renovation. Hey that would double the value of my home. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: 18+
Essay required

Expires November 10, 2012
Join now and start earning money!

8 Responses to Win $35000 (ON only)

  1. Debbie Marszowski says:

    A wonderful opportunity Thank you

  2. Anastasia Szakowski says:

    A renovation for the possibility of a new start! Thank you!

  3. I have a small, older, single level home and unfortunately it is now starting to show its age. The kitchen is in need of an incredible make over. There is old panelling on the bottom of the walls that the previous owner thought resembled wainscoating but does not look very nice. The kitchen cupboards are homemade in a very cheap pine and are now falling apart because in some places, instead of using nails or screws to hold them together the carpenter placed pieces of wood in areas and used the pressure of the frame to hold the wood in place. There are not enough cupboards as well and the kitchen sink and taps need to be updated It would also be nice to install pot lights and a new ceiling fan. There is no lighting over the kitchen sink so the small plug in fixture that I have to replace often is not really bright enough to cook or do dishes by. I recently bought a portable dishwasher but would eventually love to have one built in, to save space.
    I also only have two very small closets in the whole house, which are not sufficient for my every day clothes as well as seasonal coats etc.
    When you enter my house through the back door you walk into a small utility room. The washer, dryer and hot water tank take up this area but they are all on different walls leaving little space for anything else. The melamine cupboards are starting to warp and would probably look nicer if they matched the kitchen cupboards since the rooms are only separated by a doorway.
    I often dream of a larger bathroom with a beautiful ceramic shower, a jacuzzi tub and a beautiful, dark vanity and cupboard. In order to do this I would likely have to take space from either a small linen closet outside the door, or the second bedroom next to it.
    I have recently been advised that it appears my front porch needs to be jacked up because it seems to be sinking. This is causing problems with the eaves and facia and probably can’t be fixed until the roof is replaced. I worry now about water getting into the attic if it rains hard enough.
    I recently removed the livingroom and master bedroom carpet, thinking it would be nice to have the hardwood floors, especially with pets. Unfortunately the flooring is not in the best of shape and should either be refinished or have the carpeting replaced.
    To finish everything off, the whole house needs to be repainted because it hasn’t been done since I moved in thirteen years ago. I always loved my little home but am starting to look at it as a poor old house that needs a lot of work. I am not handy to do the renovations myself and would certainly love to be the recipient of this contest to help my house become a home again….. Thank you….

  4. lee anne dunphy says:

    This would make my dreams come true:). Having to start over and losing everyhing to a horrible divorce but have two beautiful children. This would be a dream come true!!

  5. Andrea says:

    My husband and I just went through a terrible renovation experience. The contractors that we hired destroyed our main floor. They demanded that the job was finished and wanted their money so we had to change the locks to keep them out. We weren’t scared of getting sued as a judge would be more sympathetic to our plight then the contractors. We ended up hiring some tradesmen to finish the job on the main floor. What should have taken 3 months took 9 months to complete. We were so emotionally and mentally drained from the experience that we didn’t finish renovating the upstairs to divide one of the rooms to make a third bedroom so that we could think about having two kids in our house. Now that our daughter is 1 years old, we would like to have a second child but are so afraid of another renovation. Our only other option would be to move which we really don’t want to do. This contest would make our experience so much better then the last time. We lost so much money from the first renovation, that this would help us so much so that we can stay in our house rather then move. It’s a small house but it is the house that we saw our kids growing up in. Unfortunately, it has been a nightmare from the second we bought it. It would be so great to turn that around and make it the dream family home.

  6. Linda Sharpe says:

    I would be sooo excited as I have MS and need to upgrade things to get around better especially my bathroom and deck. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

  7. Jesse says:

    Would love to put this towards a house, I’m a single mother and would love the help ; great opportunity

  8. Anna Martin says:

    Good Day to all. I am a single mother and I suffer with fibromyalgia. I work part time only. My daughter and I recently moved into my Mother and Sister’s house, in the basement that is, the basement has lots of space, huge space, but needs to be planned. Sure I have lots of ideas for it, but money is a concern. Right now it only has 1 bedroom, and I would really neeed to turn it into a 2 bedroom apartment to make a home for my daughter and I, and not just a basement. My daughter, 11 years old, suffers with asthma, so extra attention is needed, especially living day to day in a basement.
    Winning this contest would really make my daughter’s dream come true.
    Thank You!