October 19th, 2011

Enter here every day for a chance to win a $200 or $500 grocery store gift card. When I was a kid I always bugged my mom to let me ride the mechanical horsie at the front of the grocery store. She never let me. And if I do it now I just get dirty looks. I just can’t win. (Side note: Do they even have those in grocery stores these days?) Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Not open to: QC
Age: age of majority

Expires November 17, 2011
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4 Responses to Win a Grocery Gift Card

  1. TrueBlue says:

    probably remove due to “legal “concerns.

  2. TrueBlue says:

    wonder bread is actually good for you now?whats next natural cold cuts and process cheese?

  3. lorri says:

    Me too Artman! The horsie ride was the reward if I behaved myself.

  4. Nimble says:

    I never like to provide the “Post to Facebook as me” level of access. Sorry, Wonderbread 🙂