August 24th, 2011

Enter as often as you want by completing the sentence “I am so screwed that…” for a chance to win one of three cash prizes of $2,400. Whatever’s bugging you could make you a winner. The possibilities are endless and this is a contest you could definitely have fun with. Good luck!

Entry Frequency: unlimited
Open to: ON

Expires October 19, 2011
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13 Responses to Win 1 of 3 $2,400 cash prizes (ON only)

  1. TrueBlue says:

    The best, funniest, craziest answers will win.:(
    Prefer drawn contests.

  2. I am so screwed right now due to bypass surgery that I needed to use the food bank only to find out that it is closed due to lack of funds.

  3. sherri chouinard says:

    I am so screwed right now that I locked my keys in the car and I pooped my pants by accident cause I had diareaha and I walked into the washroom with a pizza box stuck to my butt.

  4. joshua adrian says:

    I am so screwed right now because my pants have turned to slush and the doctor told me to shovel my driveway

  5. Nathan H says:

    Can I get some thumbs up votes for my entries:

    “I am so screwed that I can’t even afford to buy a screwdriver.”

    “I am so screwed that I have to do my Christmas shopping at the garbage dump.”

    “I am so screwed that I put a for sale sign on everything I own, including myself.”

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  6. Stefanie says:

    Awesome Sherri – you’re candour, not the ‘incident’. Made me laugh out loud!!! Voting for you 🙂

  7. Mike says:

    @Nathan – you got my votes

  8. Nathan H says:

    Thanks for vote. I made another one:

    “I am so screwed that even the Toronto Maple Leafs laugh at my futility.”

  9. sam says:

    im so screwed that i thought facebook when when you get smacked in the face with a book

  10. I’m so screwed that even my best friend couldn’t put me back on right.

  11. maria says:

    I’m so screwed that no one can set me straight
    I’m so screwed that i cant afford a car
    I’m so screwed that i cant wear clothes

  12. Deanna C says:

    I am so screwed that even porn stars are envious!!

  13. paul denby says:

    I’m so screwed that I had to sell my yacht and now I have to fly to Florida for the winter 🙁