July 31st, 2011

Enter here every day for a chance to win $5000 and a 2-night trip to Toronto for a photoshoot. Your face could end up in a bag of Maynard’s candy. How awesome is that? Now when I say ‘there’s plenty of me to go around’ to the ladies, it’s actually true. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority

Expires September 30, 2011
Join now and start earning money!

13 Responses to Win $5000 and Your Face on Maynard’s Candy

  1. hope says:

    huh? what does this mean..??

    Win $5000 and Your Face on Maynard’s Candy | Pichew.com says:

    […] http://www.contestcanada.net/ […]

    i see it often and wondered????

  2. susan vandenelsen says:

    this would be a different ,great brand of candy

  3. kaitlin heubeck says:

    Everyboy has a dream, mine you ask? To be on a Maynard’s candy. Ive been eating Maynard’s since i was a tiny tot. I’ve never even dreampt of being lucky enough to have my face on the very article of candy i’ve been obsessed with all my childhood, until seeing your commercials. I think that i would make a good candidit because many of my friends have told me i have a very edible face and also that orange, yellow, red, and green just happen to be my colours.

    I am definetly mroe then fit to be Canada’s next candy.


  4. Olivia says:

    Amazing! That would be simply amazing to put anyone’s face on them.. 😀 great idea! It’d be pretty cool if it had my face on them, you know everyone being like oh hey, i just ate you face :p haha
    Gooodluck to everyone and congrats to whomever wins this awesome chance! 🙂

  5. goran radovic says:

    Me on Maynard’s Candy, that be great!!!

  6. Ninab Salivo says:

    Im a big fan of maynard candy… I would love to be on Maynard candy…contact me you will not be disappointed 🙂

  7. My face is good enough for Maynards

  8. Carole says:

    I have an incredible personality..no regret!!!

  9. gail says:

    Hi! I saw the Toronto billboard ad for this contest just today (Sept 13-11) and I instantly knew who has the PERFECT old lady face that Maynard’s is looking for!! This wonderful lady is 91 years old, is sharp as a tack, and is a Hazel McCallion look-a-like!! Listen, I LOVE Hazel McCallion but who has a more sour puss than that? My friend, that’s who!!

    I’m going to take her pic and submit it! She lives on a very limited pension and this money will be a God-send. Do i sound optimistic? I am!! I’m pretty good at picking winning faces for contests! Stay tuned!!

  10. Christian says:

    I think i would be perfect for the maynards contest. Not only do i love all of there candy but i am only 14 so i would be unique to be Canada’s newest candy

  11. Lauren Bailey says:

    Omg i hope i win… i want the money so i could put it in my lil sis’s savings account. I am 12 and my sis is just a week old… also it would be cool to be on candy. My face could look awesomely funny if i try… my sister would be happy to say that her sister is on candy.

  12. craig marshall says:

    my daughter made the craziest face the other day while fooling around. You would swear she just threw a huge handfull of sour patch kids into her mouth , the picture is in no way altered , its completly her doing it on her own.Im sure you ll love it