December 12th, 2010

Enter here daily for a chance to win a 1-week trip to Calgary, Alberta for the 2011 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic. It should be a tremendous occasion. And hopefully you won’t suffer too much frostbite. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority

Expires January 23, 2011
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20 Responses to Win a trip to the Heritage Classic in Calgary

  1. verna gordon says:

    soundslike I would like this

  2. Monique says:

    Anyone with a valid Mastercraft upc?

  3. Elizabeth (Libby) says:

    exactly how would someone get the upc?

  4. hope says:

    you get upc’s by going in a store that sells mastercraft products and write it down! that is usually the no purchase necessary process..;-))

  5. deb says:

    my guy is a hockey freak…..

  6. Porky Pig says:

    Don’t expect people to assist.

  7. budgie says:

    Why do contest freaks get so mad when someone asks for assistance? I mean really, you give some you get some. Unless its the same old jackass asking for free info.

  8. joro says:

    Dude,sounds like somebuddy is toeing the line of Santa’s naughty list(budgie and porky pig!)Most people on this site are VERY helpfull that is why everyday i log on for my daily smile!!thanks Artman!

  9. hope says:

    i can answer ‘budgie’s’ one of those ‘contest freaks’..yes..i am..been entering contests now for 26 yrs..and have done very well actually..know why? because i do the work! YUP..daily! Long hours doing snail mails when they were popular..( around all my other daily jobs )..and now with online contests…i spend many hours on computer, setting up, finding and entering contests…and the reason some of us get ‘slightly ticked off’ is because belonging to many contest groups..i have seen many questions that pop up over and over again..thing is about should do MOST OF THE WORK that way..the are ‘earning’ the prize if you get my drift eh. When I see questions from others. ( not saying all of them ) but some are SO LAZY..they can’t even bother to look up the rules and ask questions many times can i enter, anybody have a upc# etc..I personally do not rely on others for questions but find the answers or upc #’s myself! it’s just tiring seeing that over and over again eh..especially after 26 yrs! not saying one cannot help others..heaven knows I have MANY MULTIPLE TIMES over the years..i have taught people how to contest, have helped them win, send htem contests, and have even shared most of my prizes with family and friends ( TRIPS included ) and yes..there are those that are JUST TAKERS..they sit back, have all the info handed to them and they will sometimes win! it is most frustrating to see and help those kinds..that’s all I am saying having seen that for so many does tire of that. Remember..the powers that be help those who also help themselves eh..i truly hope this gives you some insight as to why some people get upset when help is asked..though i know i continue to do so as i am a generous soul..but have to tell you know..i do pick and choose the person and or circumstance! ;-))

  10. Porky Pig says:

    Try putting your article in your local

  11. hope says:

    hmm..not sure what you mean by that ‘porky pig’ it a good comment or not? matter..someone asked for an opinion and i gave my honest i am off to win more great things now to share with family and friends! totally love this part of contesting! it really appeases my ‘santa tendencies’ ha ha..

    SO…all the best to y’all..happy holidays and may your 2011 be full of wonderful and fun surprises of all kinds! ;-))

  12. Scrooge says:

    u win then wine,bahhh hambug when someone asks for a little assitance u call them lazy screw u,its usally people who dont NEED the prizes that win,ive been entering contest for 10 years and havent won crap,even when i do the work asswipe

  13. hope says:

    well thanks scrooge..i am done then! You will NEVER hear from me again in this group! shame on you…! what language and no class on your part! perhaps you should read my content again and really understand what i said! and know what..I live below the poverty what do you know about how much i have eh!..and i spend over 12 hours a day trying to win stuff to better my life and others! yeah..humbug..merry christmas to you too jerk! i can see with your NEGATIVE attitude why you win NOTHING and will continue to not do so!

  14. artman says:

    Let’s keep it civil in here, folks. No need for childish namecalling. It’s very basic – if you need help, ask for it and if you want to be helpful, please do so.

    Nobody’s forcing anyone to do anything.

  15. Rosequeen says:

    Contesting is suppose to be fun, and I have received assistance with UPCs from all kinds of wonderful people. Let’s keep it positive, as we all know you get what you give.

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    Mastercraft 10-piece Screwdriver Set 0 42944 35444 3

  16. mikey says:

    thx,rosequeen-and Hope,don’t give up hope,just yet!most of us out there would only wish you well and karma will get the others…
    contesting IS fun & i wish you all the best of luck!!this is still my fave site,even with the odd ‘grinch’ ho,ho,ho!

  17. Scrooge says:

    Sorry Grumpy day

  18. trent says:

    Scrooge, tonight you will be visited by 3 ghosts.
    Contest’s past – you will see yourself not winning.
    Contest’s present – you will see yourself frustrated and grumpy about not winning. Contest’s future – you will give up and see yourself sitting on the couch watching Rosie O’donnell (she replaces Oprah in the future) while the rest of us enter contests and win the occasional prize.

  19. Scrooge says:

    ****deleted by artman****

  20. Chuck says:

    Wow, I had several remarks typed out and realized that they were simply improper replies to Scrooge and would serve no purpose. I always appreciate assistance when given and give when I can… So Thx to all! Have a better day, y’all
    and you can find UPC’s with the get UPC codes at the top right of this fine establishment’s page…