November 23rd, 2010

Enter here via email for a chance to win a 2011 Ford Mustang. If you don’t want to email them, you can buy a laptop and enter that way. E-mail it is. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: age of majority

Expires December 9, 2010
Join now and start earning money!

8 Responses to Win a Ford Mustang

  1. ozy says:

    Purchase Neccessary

  2. scorchio says:

    You can ignore the asterisk next to the receipt number field (marking it as a compulsory field), the form accepts the entry if you leave it blank. Just below there it states “No purchase necessary”. Who knows if they hold that against you come draw time though?!

  3. Aaron says:

    It also says you can write a short essay in the rules. Hopefully I didn’t waste my time with that part. I’ve always wanted a Mustang.

  4. stvo says:

    It accepted mine without an invoice # but that doesn’t mean it’s considered valid?

  5. Lexy says:

    it says in the rules that you can email in your entry with a 500 word essay about how great pcs are(well something like that haha). But i found an invoice# from a few months ago when i bought a new laptop with windows 7 and put that number in there.

  6. Chuck says:

    I read the rules and I think that if you enter on-line without an invoice number they will just discard your entry… I have copied the info here for you to enjoy… 😉

    2. Entries may be made:
    a. by sending in a 500 word essay on the topic of ‘Why a PC Laptop Help With My Life’ to along with your name, phone number, and postal code.

    b. by purchasing any PC laptop at Best Buy or and completing the entry form located at or Entry form must be filled out in its entirety, including name, email address, phone number, postal code, and invoice number of valid purchase of a PC laptop from Best Buy or A valid email address must be provided.

  7. deb says:

    56 ears old and never had a car or a licence…sure to get one if i win this