November 14th, 2010

Enter here for a chance to win an Air Canada VIP trip for 4 to anywhere Air Canada flies plus $2500 Visa Prepaid Cards and more. You can also win other trips, tickets, flight discounts, Aeroplan Miles, and more. My question is – where exactly does Air Canada not fly? And why don’t they fly there? Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Age: age of majority

Expires December 19, 2010
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17 Responses to Win a Air Canada VIP Package

  1. Elizabeth (Libby) says:

    I want to win a vacation but having to navigate through it is difficult..

  2. hope says:

    silly contest…they made it so long winded to get to the entry form! sheesh..what are they thinking!

  3. hope says:

    ps ps..actually i think i will find a ‘contact’ area and tell them so!

  4. hope says:

    ps ps can go actually DIRECTLY to the entry form…but it only enters you for the grand prizes and not the instant ones…just click on GO TO CONTEST DIRECTLY AT this URL:

  5. eileen woods says:

    I would have to pick somewhere warm please!

  6. Lexy says:

    HA! this is the first contest ive suggested that acutally got posted!

  7. Dave says:

    Could be they did a long proces to deter people from entering. Some people will not enter contests if they do not think they will win or if you can only enter by giving name and e-mail or phone number. I know I once won a trip from a tv station and found out later aside from me only 3 other people entered.

  8. hope says:

    well deter people from entering a contest..would defeat the company’s part from having entrants! why bother then eh….get it?
    ;-)) sometimes they just do not have promo people who dream up and post these contests..that really know what they are doing..and simply do not have any common sense! trust me..i’ve seen it over the many 25+ years i have been contesting!

  9. Roxy says:

    It’s long but it’s kinda fun.

  10. Dave says:

    im a long time contest person hope as well and the crazy thing about my trip was when i won it i said do i have to use it right now cause i was in the middle of a move and did not want to rush the move or have to come back to finsih the move. they said i was fine just when i was ready to e-mail them cause the guidelines for contest were these.

    1) for trip i had to deal with their travel agency.

    2) i was entitled to 3 days and nites.

    3) i could bring someone with me and not counting spending money we were allowed a max of $ 2000 towards our hotel and airfare if the amount was over i would have to pay that.

    4) could not travel within a few days around certain holidays.

    they told me when i was ready e-mail them and they would e-m me back a list of hotels and flights for that date. they asked me any idea of when i thought i might go and i stated fall since ihave allergies i thought if i went in summer i might have to content with uber hotness. anyway after first contact they sent me list so i responded and a few days later they replied back none of my answers were good so they sent me another list samething occured 4 more times. finally i said can u either ut me a cheque for the $ 2000 and i deal with my travel agency or i deal with mine and have them bill u they declined so finally after 7 tiies i finally was able to get thing planned funnt thing it was more then the 2000 (i did not have to pay extra) and got 4 days and nites.

    as for why some companies do hold contests sometimes i think they look at it as a differnt kinds of advertising. i think in my case they probably hoped if they turned down my enuff i would walk away in frustration and they would not have to put out any money.

  11. hope says:

    hey dave..i hear ya…i have won 30 trips to date eh..and have been happy with them all..when reading the rules..i make sure if they are definite dates one has to ( example like a concert ) etc..then i will enter..some have to be used within a they have been okay dokey with me…;-)) sorry to hear you had such a hassle on the one you mention above! that is not the norm usually eh! i have found most companies to be fair and reasonable..but know what despite their long and lengthy entry forms and their rules that don’t make sense some times…tee hee..they are not going to chase this gal away..i am stubborn and will keep on entering! ;-)) i did email aircanada and told them what i thought of their silly long winded time consuming entry form for the instant win contest and see if they will put me on ‘ignore’ or bother to to love this fun hobby though! ;-)) con’td good luck to you! ;-))

  12. cathy says:

    I can’t get the instant win contest to work for me, it keeps stalling when I click on the destination, is anyone else having this problem. I have to keep skipping this and just entering direct.
    Hope, could you email them and let them know that some people are having problems with the instant win portion of the contest, I would appreciate it.
    And wow – 30 trips – that is pretty impressive!

  13. LindaD says:

    Yes, I’m having the same problem. Can’t get past the destination stage without it just stalling. Have tried a few times so this part just sucks. Not worth the time.

  14. LARRY says:

    it’s an awesome contest one of the best I’ve seen if this is all it takes for me to go to Paris I’m happy doing it THE PRIZE IS MINE LOL

  15. Judy says:

    I had to go into their own site as this one wanted me to download an update to my adobe and I will not do that to enter. My anti virus program did not like the site either.

  16. cathy says:

    This works when I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

  17. laurette says:

    who won after all this trouble?