May 26th, 2010

Play truth or dare here for a chance to win cash prizes of $100 or $1000. I always pick truth because my friends would dare me to do really disgusting things. Just because I did it to them first. Those wimps. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: unlimited
Not open to: QC

Expires December 31, 2010
Join now and start earning money!

17 Responses to Win $1000

  1. Dana says:

    I dare you to give me your $1000 Artman! No, I double dare you!

  2. cdndawn says:

    Really, Fred. Shocker! LOL

  3. verna says:

    I am confused on this game

  4. Michael says:

    lol cdndawn, eh?

  5. Dana says:

    Artman, you’re no fun at this game! I dare you to respond to my reply! HUGS! 🙂

  6. artman says:

    I guess I lose, Dana.

  7. Dana says:

    He talks, yes!!!!!! Hi Artman, just trying to make you smile! More HUGS!! 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    er..get a room you two, eh?


  9. Dana says:

    Want the room number Michael?! LOL!

  10. SusanB says:

    wink wink wink

  11. Michael says:


    we should all meet up anyways – we should have a get together at a bar for drinks and such

  12. Dana says:

    Nudge, nudge, wink wink Susan! 😉

  13. Dana says:

    Wanna pay my airfare Michael? That does sound like fun though! But you should see Susan after a few cocktails>OMG! 😉

  14. Michael says:


    if you fly into Buffalo then bus it to Toronto it’s much cheaper

  15. SusanB says:

    Oh oh….pay mine too please!

    ROFLMAO Dana!!!

  16. Michael says:

    you’ll both have to send me your contact info so I can buy the tickets.