March 30th, 2010

Enter here daily for a chance to win an Apple MacBook, an iPod Touch, and a Canon Digital Camera. Darn, no Ontario for this one and I need a MacBook real bad. Anyone in the qualifying provinces want to enter on my behalf? I’ll return the favour by entering an Ontario-only contest for you. Anyone, anyone at all? Please? What if I beg? Do you want me to beg? Look at me, I’m begging you. This is what you’ve reduced me too. Have you no shame? Ok, well good luck anyway!

Entry Frequency: daily
Open to: AB, MB, SK
Age: 19+

Expires April 30, 2010
Join now and start earning money!

7 Responses to Win a MacBook and more

  1. Jen says:

    This contest is open to people aged 19 and younger, not older.

  2. hope says:

    And i guess they figure there are no young people in other provinces ( 19 and younger ) ..other than the ones they state!: Open to: AB, MB, SK

  3. wtf says:

    Fail contest post

  4. Dana says:

    I enjoy the begging Artman, I really do! I would totally help you out but I’m a little bit older than 19. Crap! I need a MacBook real bad too! It wasn’t meant to be>WAHHHH!

  5. artman says:

    I know you would if you could, Dana, but what can we do. We’ll just have to move on. So sad.

  6. Dana says:

    But, but, but, but, Nooooo!

  7. Samuelette Wilinski-Schwake says:

    The sponsor is never stop milk but they do seem to think anyone over 19 does not need milk. I am 66 and I drink milk and consume dairy products daily because women need the calcium and other nutrients to ward of osteoarthritis.
    To be fair, they should sponsor a contest for the people who still need to drink milk – seniors, particularly women.