March 26th, 2010

Enter here every day for a chance to win a 1-week trip for 2 to Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium. I don’t have any anecdotes to share about Belgium. Have you been there? Did you like it? Good Luck!

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Age: age of majority

Expires April 20, 2010
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6 Responses to Win a trip to Paris and Belgium

  1. Dana says:

    Not a fan of brussels, they make me gag! 😉

  2. Anon says:

    Try baking them,whole diffenrt flavour-so I’ve heard.

  3. hope says:

    Brussels is an interesting beautiful european city! the main goal when we got there was to find the little boy who pees! yup..sorry..but it is a small statue of Manneken Pis (“little man piss” in English), is a Brussels landmark. It is a small bronze fountain sculpture depicting a little boy urinating into the fountain’s basin. There are several legends behind this statue, but the most famous is the one about Duke Godfried II of Brabant. In 1142, the troops of this two-year-old lord were battling against the troops of the Berthouts, the lords of Grimbergen, in Ransbeke. The troops put the infant lord in a basket and hung it in a tree, to encourage them. From there, he urinated on the troops of the Berthouts, who eventually lost the battle.Another legend goes like this: in the 14th century, Brussels was under siege by a foreign power. The city had held their ground for quite some time. The attackers had thought of a plan to place explosive charges at the city walls. A little boy named Juliaanske from Brussels happened to be spying on them as they were preparing. He urinated on the burning fuse and thus saved the city. so there you go everybody..a history lesson for today! ;-))

  4. Dana says:

    Not sure anon don’t think I’d like them even covered in chocolate! Thanks for the tip though!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    That is quite a history lesson about Brussels..

  6. hope says:

    well i do hope you enjoyed it elizabeth..;)) artman did ask if anybody had been there and if they liked told my bit..tee hee..