March 9th, 2010

Enter here every day for a chance to win an Apple iPad. Will it save the newspaper industry? Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: daily
Not open to: QC
Age: age of majority

Expires March 31, 2010
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7 Responses to Win an iPad

  1. Colin Fox says:

    The iPad may not do much for the newspaper industry, but it could have a major impact on the book publishing industry if the novels are prices right.

  2. I think that the newspaper industry will not be affected so musch by the relese of the apple ipad but it will defenetly make the newsreading easier.

  3. rebekah says:

    i should cuz i have no friend because i don’t have a phone or a i pad my parents cant buy because they dot have the right amount

  4. Tessa says:

    I would like to win an Ipad because I have no other type of technology that can be used personally. I do have a computer, obviously, but I want something to myself. 🙂 And they are too expensive.. Will this cost anything though? E-Mail me if I won or if you answer my question. xD

  5. ace-xxx (Brandon) says:

    Hi i would like to win an iPad because i cant afford it and my B day is comeing up ind it would mean everything to me if i had won thx and i cant wait to see the winner!

  6. Kyle yensen says:

    I really would like to win this iPad. My mom and I don’t have alot of money and this would be big! My friends at school ask for my email and I can’t give them kne cause I don’t have one. I’m not trying to be fake or make things up cause I want to win this. But I had to go to my friends house to enter this contest.

    I would use the iPad for personal use and have a great tome with it. Tha ms

  7. Kyle yensen says:

    I think it may help the paper industry. But it may not. It saves paper and that’s good cause the trees don’t get hurt as much. And people wouldn’t throw an ipad out and it would save the landfill from overflowing. So my answer is yes hope I have a shot at winning thanks