March 8th, 2010

Enter here for a chance to win a 3-night getaway for 2 to your choice of Canadian locations including $1000 cash. Just make sure you don’t pick the wrong weekend, like Super Bowl Sunday. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: age of majority

Expires March 27, 2010
Join now and start earning money!

17 Responses to Win a 3-night Getaway

  1. Michael says:

    can’t enter – what am i doing incorrectly? 🙁

  2. Mark says:

    I just entered on Internet Explorer with no problems.

  3. Michael says:

    argh – still can’t 🙁

    will give up – Mark – you can win this one.

  4. Elizabeth Myers says:

    I can’t find the contest entry form either

  5. SusanB says:

    I surrender – it is all yours Mark

  6. Sue A. says:

    Worked OK for me on Firefox. Click on the link. Near the bottom of the page you’ll see, “COMFORT Quiz, COMFORT Collection, COMFORT Contest, etc.” links. Click on “COMFORT contest” link, then on the big blue bar that says, “CLICK HERE TO ENTER” (their caps, by the way – not mine; I’m not yelling at you) and the entry form comes up. Good luck everyone!

  7. Elizabeth Myers says:

    I found the contest link at the bottom, it didn’t say that the previous time I looked for it, thank you..

  8. Michael says:

    hey, SusanB – didja see my reply to Dana?


  9. SusanB says:

    Is my diamond going to be bigger than Dana’s?

  10. Dana says:

    Susan?!!! I thought we had something special?! LOL!!! :0

  11. Michael says:

    ha, ha, ha!!!


  12. SusanB says:

    Ok..ok…we’ll share. 😉

  13. Dana says:

    What exactly are we sharing SusanB?

  14. pointer says:

    Found it.

  15. artman says:

    How was I left out of this threesome?

  16. Dana says:

    You can be the hotdog in our bun of love Artman!

  17. SusanB says:

    I guess now we’re sharing the hotdog. ROFLMAO! (Slapping fingers trying to make them stop typing)