January 30th, 2010

Enter here daily for a chance to win a $1500 Travel Vacation Voucher or 1 of 5 Valentine’s Day prize packs. If you win multiple travel voucher’s can you book two trips back to back for one giant mega trip? Because that sounds like something I wanna do. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: unlimited
Age: 19+

Expires February 22, 2010
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9 Responses to Win a Travel Vacation Voucher

  1. pointer says:

    luv travel….

  2. Elizabeth Myers says:

    hard to win from tribute magazine I have discovered…

  3. Acadiejd says:

    What do you mean by that, Elizabeth? They post the winners. Do you mean their contests are a scam?

  4. laurel says:

    i have to get in on this as i have won many small prizes from them, but my biggest was the RockBand one, i won xbox 360 , rock band package, it said it was value at just over 500.00 but when i got everything i priced it at over six.. so have faith, it is not a scam,, but now you know

  5. Elizabeth Myers says:

    I haven’t seen any winners from my area through tribute contests.. I have entered their contests many times…

  6. hope says:

    i agree with elizabeth! it is hard to win tribute contests..not because they are scams..they are legit..it is because the competition for their prizes is fierce! that meaning..a LOT of people enter their contests daily! I have only won ONCE in about 8 years…the prizea value was worth $1000..I do not bother entering for the small stuff..like movie tickets, cd’s etc..and only try for the bigger prizes because of this competition! I try to save my energy for other contests where my chances might be better and only ‘scatter’ enter tribute contests…that’s the way i see it anyways..and of course..each to their own eh..;-))

  7. SusanB says:

    I find Tribute one of the easiest to win from. I win movie tickets steadily….nothing much bigger than a dvd from them though.

  8. laurel says:

    Hi again, yes i am picky too with what i enter, since it is unlimited i guess a person could enter continually, but i could and would not do that, in saying that, it is nice when you get that phone call, I just won a piano, the odds were not in my favour it was canadian and american contest, one entry each, there were five winners and two were from BC, so that was cool. my value was two grand, it arrived in Kelowna at Kentwood music, so one entry ones are great too, enter and forget about it till you get the call.. and hope in the mean time,

  9. Marina Nordli says:

    I would love this one!