November 10th, 2009

Normally we don’t post contests that require a purchase, but this one gets a pass because the prize is so hot. Members of this Ryders Moving website can enter to win a Limited Edition 2008 Dodge CHALLENGER w/425hp or opt for $120,000 in cash instead. I’d like to enter, but I’m not a member, and I won’t become one. But either on of those is a sweet prize. Good Luck!

Entry Frequency: single
Age: 18+
Membership required

Expires December 7, 2009
Join now and start earning money!

10 Responses to Win a 2008 Dodge Challenger or $120,000

  1. Tom says:

    Looks like you have to buy a membership. NOT FREE

  2. Tominto says:

    All Canadian contest must have a no purchase necessary entry method, otherwise it is a lottery which is illegal. The rules state no purchase necessary but it doesnt explain how to enter via that method. Hmmm…

  3. Elizabeth Marie says:

    It is a scam you have to pay for a membership before you can enter the contest.. That is pretty crappy..

  4. Michael says:

    lol – Rule 16 – WTF??

    “16.A free ballot will be automatically generated by the purchase of a membership to the parent company. Prizes may be claimed with a ballot from a non-member if the ballot is obtained by any legal means (ie if ballot is lost or misplaced by the member). Prize is no purchase necessary.”


  5. Rachel says:

    HA! That’s the way they get around the “no purchase necessary” law? “Oh sure, there’s no purchase necessary if you just happen to find a ballot on the ground that a member lost. Hey, it could happen!”

  6. Rachel says:

    Of course, that kind of sneaky underhandedness is only to be expected from a moving company. They rank even higher than construction companies for illegal business practices. “Yeah, sure we said it would cost $2,500 to move your furniture, but when we actually weighed it all, turns out it was half a ton heavier than we originally estimated. Gee, dunno how we could have been so far off. Sofa frame must be made outta solid gold or sumthin’. So we’ll just hold onto it all in our warehouse ’til you shell out an extra $10K.”

  7. Michael says:

    Buncha vultures! I tells ya!

  8. The rules say no purchase necessary but don’t give a NPE – I am writing the company for clarification

  9. Terry says:

    l would look good in a dodge

  10. Chuck says:

    I think I’ll spend my 15 bucks on the car tickets they are selling at my local mall, then I know where the money goes… I think this ” Contest ” needs to be reported as not a contest… I will be searching for whom to report this to. I Think it’s a Lottery, not a contest…