April 7th, 2009

Submit your Sobeys receipt # for a chance to win a $1000 Sobeys gift card. Next time I’m going to do it in French. Oh, what an adventure it will be. Good Luck!

[2011-01-27] Update:  A lot of people seem to be searching for this Sobey’s link.  I believe this is what you’re looking for:


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395 Responses to Win a Sobeys Gift Card

  1. j. english says:

    Whats with the price of milk, are the cows sacred
    in nova scotia.

  2. j. english says:

    Whats with the price of milk,are the cows sacred
    here in Nova Scotia.

  3. E Gilbert says:

    Another visit to Sobeys store in Clarenville

    Same courtesy as before Thanks Sobeys

  4. Irvine Mullett says:

    Great Store, Great Layout, Great Staff and best of all Great Products.

  5. Paul says:

    Great store. Great friendly service

  6. Paul says:

    Great store, great friendly service.

  7. I enjoy my shopping experience at Sobey’s because the store is inviting, with good lighting, wide isles, and unofensive
    colour schemes. Also, I do a great deal of international cooking and I can usually find the things I’m looking for such as Rice Paper, Cilantro, Fresh Ginger, Fish Sauce etc. I am also attracted by the specials and I particularly like the “Our Compliments” products.

    Well done.

  8. Michael says:

    this thread will never ever die

  9. marcilla galemarc says:

    great store.I shop there all the time,thry know me by name. Very friendly I do not get that any where eles.

  10. Carly says:

    I like to shop Sobeys, have for a long time, I do like the airmiles plan, and if something you buy isn’t good they will give you your money back and also a free new item like the one you returned. I know where to find things in Sobeys as well. I even worked at Sobeys when it opened its doors near where I live and two of my Sons also worked there for a while.

  11. Doug says:

    Im a male and hate shopping, but shopping at Sobeys is a pleasure, they have every thing you need, and the meat counter is the best i have ever seen, nothing is to much trouble for any one of there employess, if you cant find it they will for you with a smile. The stores are spotless. the isles are wide and the check-out just great.

  12. reynaud larocque says:

    i like to win somting for the first time

  13. Carol says:

    Sobeys is great. Love collecting the air miles.

  14. Brenda E. Hiltz says:

    Sobeys is great. the air miles help me travel.

  15. norman brien jr says:

    the new store is great the only thing I don,t like is the milk section is way down the end in the opposite corner oh well i need the exercise. thanks I,d like to win that gift card

  16. Denise says:

    J’aime bien le Sobeys, à Bathurst, Nouveau Brunswick. La viande est toujours bonne, les fruits sont délicieux. Le personnel est gentil et ils sont professionnels. J’apprécie beaucoup le bilinguisme.. Allez faire votre épicerie. Toujours au Sobeys..

  17. Marguerite Savoie says:

    J`aime beaucoup le magasin puisque l`on trouve tout ce que l`ont a besoin. l`aide est tres valable.. Remarquable!!!! La viande est tres bonne les fruits aussi tres beau présentoirs et le personels gentils….

  18. YES,WE DEPEND ON SOBEYS it’s so not confusing
    like superstore that’s a night mare.
    we always find what were looking for.
    thanks to all our sobeys friend
    your true customers.
    thanks for your

  19. 04/02/11 @ 4:26pm

  20. Wayne Fraser says:

    Sobeys Rocks

  21. I find more bargains such as buy 1 get 1 free at sobey’s store than any other grocery store. Prices seem to be comparable or less than other competitors such as superstore/co-op/or no frills!

  22. Joyce says:

    I enjoy shopping at sobey’s. If I can’t find some thing, I just look up at the sign,It tell’s me what’s in that row. And if I still can’t find it Ask and they will find it for me. The prices are good the service is awesome. Way to go Sobey, Keep up the good work.

  23. harold says:

    love the store its where i do all my shopping

  24. when Sobey’s on windsor street in Halifax ns. remodeled thier store I was the first one to complain because it seemed for awhile the prices were going up . Some did but now everything seems to be back in line. I thought for awhile about shopping at super store but they are ridicolus, So here I am home again and loving every minute of it,especially the delivery of my groceries. I still don’t like the idea of imports from China

  25. it is a great place for shopping and I love the bulk food section

  26. donald says:

    great choices frendly staff great price

  27. donald says:


  28. donald says:

    great choices frendly staff great price


  29. Joanne Gregg says:

    I can always find what I need at Sobeys, the store
    is very well clean, the staff is polite and there’s always lot of checkouts open so you hardly
    ever have to stand in line.

  30. margaret jessome says:

    I have shopped at Sobeys in Truro for years and always recieve excellent service.I have tried the others but always end up back at Sobeys.Clean stores,excellent service,compedative prices,what else could I ask for?!!!

  31. the store isvery nice and every one is so helpful even when i got to the cheack out the lady asked if i have found every thing that i was looking for today and when i told her i could not find garbage baggs she helped me find them i was so delighted that your store offered such helpful and nice employees thank you and i do go to your store every time now for my grocerys

  32. doris says:

    there’s no sobeys store in the small town i live in, whenever i go to a town that has a sobeys store i shop their. i enjoy shopping in a nice clean store and everything is very well displayed.

  33. Mr B says:

    I tried to complete the gallop.com contest but got lost in all the links and could not find the correct site provided. I gave up after growing a beard trying to find the site. I don’t have that time to waste.

  34. Nita Sellars says:

    I have been shopping at Sobey’s forover 30 years,like it , wouldn’t want to see it changed.

  35. bonnie Wile says:

    I love shopping at Sobeys for all the great deals & as a bonus for doing so, you get airmiles.

  36. Wendy Hanes says:

    Sobeys have really super buys and the store is well kept up and the staff are very pleasant

  37. Wendy Hanes says:

    Sobeys are a real pleasant store to shop at and have real great buys

  38. Wendy Hanes says:

    sobeys is a real great store to shop at and they have real good deals

  39. I have shopped at Sobeys for the past 45 years.
    I love their products and find their store layout
    to be excellent.

  40. I love the store ,,I was recoreding it while it was beening build ,,My ex ,was working on the sobeys, store while it was beening build,, The people are so nice , their is one male working on cash and he makes every one happy .mose of the new minas store knows me by name and they all say hi when they see me and i can go in and knows were every thing is,, some times i got to get to help me cause i am very short .

  41. Carney Frizzell says:

    I have been a customer of Sobeys for forty years. I have always had a good feeling entering their stores,from Yarmouth to Sydney. I mainly shop at the Tacoma store,I can find everything I need for daily living. The most important thing for me is service,I have always had great interaction with all the staff, Thanks !!

  42. Don Miller says:

    We have shopped at Sobey’s since the 1940s in Truro, New Glasgow and Halifax. The new store in Bedford South is the best yet, The parking spaces are great and when looking for the specials we don’t find empty shelves. Excellent store to shop for groceries.

  43. Cheryl Martin says:

    Shopped at Sobeys since 1970. No complaints.

  44. I always shop at Sobeys, wouldn’t go anywhere else
    Friendly staff and good service

  45. Gloria Macdonald says:

    I enjoy shopping at the Sobeys store in Elmsdale as the staff is so friendly and helpful